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By: The Moment  06-Dec-2011


We are always pitching -  for business, for investment, for people The greatest idea or the greatest proposition, or the best service or the best person doesn’t always win. Because being the best isn’t what it takes to win. You need to be perceived as the best. You need to influence the decision makers perceptions. But what works and what doesn’t?

Challenges Addressed:

  • Going from "why my pitch is best" to "what do I need to say for my client to believe my pitch is the best for them".
  • Building a pitch based on a rigorous base of client information.
  • Differentiating your pitch from the equally credible competition.
  • Engaging clients throughout the pitch.
  • Overcoming arrogance and over-confidence.

Outcome / Business Benefit:

A winning business pitch that:

  • Communicates ‘the perception’ of a superior solution.
  • Understands the client's business.
  • Balances the chemistry between the pitch team and key stakeholders.
  • Manages the politics adeptly.
  • Stands out from the competition.

Key Components:

  • Qualifying the opportunity - Identifying why should we win or lose.
  • Strengths and weaknesses - ours and the competition.
  • Decision maker analysis and power mapping.
  • Identifying issues from the RFP and client.
  • Identifying and filling information gaps.
  • Agreeing a sales strategy.
  • Developing powerful key messages and an overall positioning.
  • Telling a persuasive story - using emotion.
  • Using creativity appropriately.
  • Preparing for effective face-to-face meeting with the client.
  • Building an effective pitch document and presentation.
  • Handling the negotiation.

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