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By: The Litebook Company  06-Dec-2011
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- The Litebook® 'Day & Night'™

Introducing The Litebook® ‘Day & Night’ System:
The difference is night and day.™

Litebook's newest product offering is the first-ever system that focuses on both parts of the human circadian rhythm (our internal ‘body clock’), namely ‘day’ (‘light’) and ‘night’ (‘dark’). In so doing, we believe our new system can significantly improve the quality of your sleep, energy and mood. Welcome to The Litebook 'Day & Night' System.

Since the beginning of time, we humans have lived in a world of ‘day’ and ‘night’.. ‘light’ and ‘dark’. In fact, we evolved to function at our peak when exposed to bright sunlight within the first hour of waking each morning. This pulse of morning light tells our body it’s time to wake up, be alert and productive.

As importantly, we evolved to have the deepest, most restful sleep in an environment that becomes gradually darker in the hour before bedtime – and – that does not expose us to any light (especially blue and green wavelengths) during our sleep phase.

In our grandparents' day, all of this was easy to do: they worked outside, played outside – and at night, when the fire died down or the oil lamp went out, it was dark..and stayed that way until sunrise.

As for our world today: well, not so much.

The problem is that we no longer spend our days outdoors and sleep in dark caves. Our modern lifestyle has us working indoors, playing indoors, parked in front of TVs and/or computer monitors every evening. All of which has seriously disrupted not only our ability to get the light we need first thing every day – but also our ability to avoid light in the late evening – and when we’re sleeping.

And since it is unlikely that our lifestyle will change anytime soon, Litebook developed a simple, convenient solution: The Litebook ‘Day & Night System’.

The system consists of 4 components:

  1. The Litebook® Elite™ (for the ‘light’ part)Plus these components for the ‘dark’ part:
  2. Litebook’s special blue wavelength-blocking GLASSES
  3. Litebook® SLEEP MASK
  4. Litebook® red L.E.D. NIGHT LIGHT

1. The Litebook® Elite™:

2. Litebook® Light-blocking Glasses:

These are the best quality light-blocking glasses we have found on the planet (and believe us, we looked!). The stylish frames have special ‘wraparound’ lenses that block 95% of blue wavelength light (the color of light that suppresses melatonin).

  • TV screens and computer monitors both emit a great deal of blue light, and sitting in front of either in the hour before going to bed is one of the worst things we can do for our sleep pattern, since it confuses the brain (our brain is getting ready for night-time yet is receiving this signal to suppress melatonin and be alert).
  • The glasses are meant to be worn in the evening at home, especially while watching TV or working on the computer. The high-quality lenses do not distort colors and in fact, sharpen the clarity of both images and text.
  • Our glasses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses or on their own.
  • The lenses are a high-quality stylish wrap-around design that blocks light from all directions.
  • The glasses can also be used as regular sunglasses.
3. Litebook® Sleep Mask:  
  • Research has shown that when we are sleeping, any light – except red – that penetrates our eyelids will disrupt melatonin secretion and decrease the quality of our sleep.
  • Most people do not have black-out curtains and often have a clock radio by their bedside with blue or green displays. This light, however dim – and especially if blue or green – will interfere with our melatonin signal and can impair our sleep. (NOTE: Red LED clock displays are not a concern.)
  • Our high-quality sleep mask features pull-down nose flaps that blocks out 100% of ambient light.
  • Comfortable, wide elastic strap has a quick-release closure. Expands to fit most head sizes.
  • Terrycloth lining gives the skin a soft feel and extra comfort.
  • Color: Dark Blue
4. Litebook® Red L.E.D. Night Light:  
  • Most of us get up at least once in the night to use the bathroom, check on the children, etc.
  • Young children often prefer to sleep with a dim light on in their bedroom.
  • Research confirms that exposure to light of any color other than red – however dim, however brief – during that trip to the bathroom or to check on the children will interrupt your melatonin and send a signal to your brain to wake up – so your ability to go back to sleep can be affected.
  • The same applies to a child. Exposure to any light other than red when they are sleeping will affect the quality of their sleep.
  • Red is the only color of light that does not interrupt melatonin, so placing our red LED night light in the hallway, bathroom, child’s bedroom, etc. will enable you to navigate safely in the dark and yet not affect your ability to return to bed and go back to sleep.
  • Our red LED night light features a photocell to switch off during the day or when light is present.
  • Power: 1 watt
  • Voltage: 110-125V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • CE marked


Litebook’s new ‘Day & Night’ System is unique and offers safe, easy, effective, non-drug relief for customers who are poor sleepers in addition to those who feel the effects of living in a ‘light-deprived’ world.

Order your ‘Day & Night’ System today – and start living in sync with your world tomorrow!

PRICE: $249.00.

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Keywords: Melatonin

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