By: The Honesty Box  05-Apr-2012
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Lucky Start!
We were fortunate to get off to a good start I reckon. Within a week of starting the fruit cart in the CBD a pesky reporter, Ben Fahy, came snooping around. He was kind enough to mention the cart in this article in Stop Press:      Stop Press indeed.

Despite the topsy turvy world of dealing with Council, (don't get me started), we had some more good luck. Actually, we can't claim any credit here. And nor should I say it was good luck. Di and Stephen Fuller had designed our fruit cart, the logo and everything that went with it. They entered their design in the Best 2010 Design Awards and what d'ya know -they went Silver!
check it out:

         The cart is so cool, it caught the eye of an ad director! See if you can spot the box: 

What's in season?

       If you want to know what's fresh in the F & V world, we have provided a useful link to the

: It's not a bad guide at all. However, we try to avoid the imported stuff where possible. This way we can support NZ growers, keep the carbon mileage down and we have found that our local stuff just tastes better. 

Health and Wellness

       Where do we start? There is so much information about the positive benefits of eating fresh fruit and veges and there is a growing body of knowledge surrounding how those benefits can lead to gains in the workplace. Here are few links you might be interested in, but we promise not to drown you in this stuff!:

This is also a good recent read:

Keywords: Fresh Fruit