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By: The English Tapware Company  05-Apr-2012
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We have a winner!  

Congratulations must be extended to our Grand Designs Competition winner Kylie Harvey, of NSW.  She has won $1000 of store credit to spend on any of our Perrin & Rowe, Acquello or Hawthorn Hill range for her upcoming bathroom renovation. She is thrilled and we look forward to working with her on her product selection. 

Grand Designs Live 21-23 October 2011 – The classics are always modern… 

It was months in the planning, late nights in the execution and culminated in three days to showcase, inspire and celebrate our brands in Sydney last weekend. We received a great response from the design community and homeowners who had come from as far as Melbourne and Canberra especially for the show. With projects spanning from initial thoughts to nearly complete, it was inspiring to hear their plans and ambitions for 2012 and beyond. We found it was a real buzz to meet homeowners who had installed Perrin & Rowe in their projects and to hear how happy they are with our products.

The theme for our stand ‘The classics are always modern’ really rang true, with an overwhelming interest in classical products for traditional homes and those wanting an enduring style.

The Perrin & Rowe kitchen tapware over our Acquello Italian fireclay sinks was an instant hit with a lot of ‘ooing and aahing’ to be heard. We previewed the Perrin & Rowe contemporary taps which will be released early next year and feedback confirmed that they will definitely have a place in the market. The Grand Designs Live attendees appreciated their streamlined design and recognised the world-renowned Perrin & Rowe precision engineering. We expect these will be available for Australia from Feb 2012, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled.

The bathroom area had a constant flow of visitors exclaiming over the amazing Perrin & Rowe showers especially the 310mm shower rose which is WELS 3 star rated for those who thought it would be a water waster. The Art Deco suite included the small powder room basin on a Hawthorn Hill basin stand; perfect for an en-suite, powder room or small bathroom. Victoria & Albert kindly lent us their Ios bath - an attention grabber to say the least. And finally, for those with a yearning for warm towels when they step from the bath or shower, the Hawthorn Hill towel warmers were definitely added to a few wish lists!

Special mention has to go to Lollo at Scandinavian Wallpaper who provided us with the most beautiful wallpaper for our shower area, all the way from Sweden in time for the show!

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Grand Designs 21 - 23 OCTOBER 2011 - Press Release

Grand Designs Australia Live is an all new style of home show, pack filled with bright ideas. Based on the popular UK TV show, presented by Kevin McCloud and the all new Australian series presented by Peter Maddison, the event focuses on the best of architecture and design for the home. See the latest in interiors, home decor, kitchens and bathrooms, build, home technology and outdoors from over 250 exhibitors. So whether you're moving home, self-building, renovating or re-decorating you'll find everything you need for your very own grand design!  

Kevin McCloud will be speaking three times each day at in the Grand Theatre.

 Entry to all talks at the Grand Theatre is included in the admission ticket!

Visit The English Tapware Company at stand H32:
This will be our largest showcase in Sydney to date - view our Perrin & Rowe, Acquello and Hawthorn Hill collections, including new products in an inspirational lifestyle setting!
Our team will be on hand to answer any questions, assist with projects and follow up afterwards with brochures and information.

We are also proud sponsors of the KBDI - the Kitchen and Bathroom Designer's Institute:

We hope to see you there!

The English Tapware Company would like to thank our stand contributors:

Wall colour – Haymes Paint NG12 Minimalist W Dado colour – Haymes Paint NG13 Spatial Wallpaper Mural – Florein Black Beech – Scandinavian Wallpaper Kitchen Bench Tops –Pebble Ebony by Staron - Bathroom Vanity Top – Pebble Frost by Staron - Kimono from Ziguzagu – Japanese Vintage Textiles Floral arrangement – Saskia at Grandiflora – Kitchen bar stools - Eric Buch by Great Dane Furniture -
Bath - Ios by Victoria & Albert -

Latest Release - Hawthorn Hill Towel Warmers & Basin Stands - July 2011 

Today’s bathrooms are no longer stark spaces designed with little more than necessity in mind but have evolved to become a room of intimate serenity & warmth. The modern bathroom should be a sanctuary within the home, away from our often busy and untailored lives. While design remains the key, ultimately it is the choice of fittings that define a bathroom’s ability to act as a cleansing and positive space within the home.

heating system. The range of hydronic towel warmers includes models with an integral radiator, offering unequalled ambient warmth and making them ideal to heat large or particularly cold bathrooms.

beautifully crafted and stylish  are available in both and , to support wall mounted basins and vanity tops. A popular choice for those wanting to present a hint ofiod appeal is thewith a chic storage shelf beneath.

Latest advice - Save water, retain style.. - June 2011 

A toilet can often be an after-thought, tucked behind a door. At The English Tapware Company we understand that our clients work on projects where every detail counts.  That is why being able to offer the Perrin & Rowe range of bathroomware is a real service to our clients. This range of beautiful products is made in Perrin & Rowe’s dedicated factory in England, by craftsmen who have spent a lifetime in the industry. Each item in the range harnesses unique
classical designs, with effortless styling between each basin and matching close coupled toilet.

Perrin & Rowe has designed this wall hung pan to suit any classically styled room. This pan has passed testing with a WELS Four Star rating when used with the Geberit UP 300 111.363.00.1 4.5/3L flush, indulging our sense of style and our water saving sensibilities. This is welcome news for those in many states which require maximum of 4.5L for WC’s in homes and/or commercial installations.  Perfect for an expressive, modern home, this wall hung pan is the ideal antidote to standard contemporary toilets offered over the last decade.  

Latest Release - Acquello Black Ceramic Sinks - June 2011 

Designed with both the classical and contemporary setting in mind, the Acquello collection represents the finest in ceramic workmanship.

Perfection takes time. Each Acquello sink is patiently crafted in an unhurried construction process, taking more than four weeks to achieve its unrivalled quality. Robust 35mm thick walls provide exceptional strength and resistance to both impact and thermal shock. Their consistency of shape, straight sides, flat surface along the top edge and focused corners make them a cabinetmaker’s dream.

• High gloss finish “like a new black Mercedes”
• Handcrafted in the traditional manner from robust fireclay
• 35mm thick walls for significant appearance and structural strength
• Install with front exposed in the traditional style, or fully enclosed as an under-mounted sink for a sleek, modern look
• Durable stainless steel basket strainer waste included
• .

The English Tapware Company Website Re-Launch 2011 – March 2011 

New and improved, The English Tapware Company website now includes features such as a

enabling you to select the


products you need for your project. You may print out a list, share with a colleague or send it through to our sales team for further assistance.

Other tweaks include section now detailing the nuts, bolts & nuances of each of our brands , and inspirational photos throughout new & and other subtle yet helpful upgrades to make your day a little brighter.

Latest Release - Bespoke Black Levers – black levers as design accents on taps – Feb 2011 

Dramatic and opulent in design, the latest offering by

, raises the bar in tailored tapware. The entire classical


tapware ranges now features a

Black accents engage the eye, and create an inspired design element particularly where black granite is used as a benchtop or vanity. Integrate these black levers with the

on Perrin & Rowe


for an outstanding finishing touch in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Designed to radiate the opulent geometric style of the Art Deco era, these towel warmers are a true tribute to the grand designs of the 20’s and 30’s. Hawthorn Hill Art Deco towel warmers are available electrically and hydronically heated. Electrically heated models are liquid filled and fitted with a 100w thermostatic heating element which is totally safe to be left on continuously, as the element will switch off to regulate. The element carries a 5 year warranty and can be easily replaced, an important sustainable feature in a towel warmer that will outlast the life of your bathroom. Hydronically heated models connect to a hot water central heating system and can be fitted with the Hawthorn Hill Art Deco crosshead valves.

Choose standard wall and floor mounted models, all with hexagonal tubing and corner detailing; alternatively all towel warmers are available in custom sizes to suit the requirements of your project. Hawthorn Hill towel warmers are handmade in England of premium grade brass and finished in Chrome, Nickel, Pewter (brushed Nickel), Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or uncoated bare brass.

Please check on the availability of towel warmers in stock and plan ahead for your project requirements. Stock can vary according to demand and the production and delivery time from England is up to 8 weeks. 

Latest Release  - Cutting edge tap technology by Perrin & Rowe – Feb 2011 

From luxury English brand Perrin & Rowe, comes a new range of kitchen taps with spray rinse technology. These classical kitchen taps with patented pull out side-rinse offer hot, cold or mixed water diverted from the main tap. This provides indispensible convenience when washing dishes or rinsing the sink, filling pots or vases, and during vegetable preparation.

The spray can be positioned on the left or right side of the sink, to the owner’s preference, and sits discreetly in the bench mount. The retractable 1.2m long hose provides unrestricted use around large work areas.

The spray rinse is operated using a sophisticated diverter mechanism which forms part of the body of each spray rinse tap. Turn on the tap to the desired mix of hot and cold water, then press the button on the spray rinse to divert the flow to the rinse. Water will cease to flow from the spout of the tap until the spray button is released.

Each precision engineered spray rinse handle is designed to complement the style of its accompanying tap. By keeping the spray handle distinct from the tap itself, Perrin & Rowe’s iconic kitchen tap designs remain intact and are enhanced by this stylish and functional addition.

Please note that the spray rinse is an integral part of each spray rinse tap and can not be later added to a regular tap.  The choice of finish - Chrome, Nickel, Pewter, Gold or English Bronze - ensures this tap is an outstanding feature of the kitchen, scullery or laundry.  

Latest advice - Choosing a Double Sink - Feb 2011

When choosing the large double sink with an offset partition, Acquello recognised the need for a large principal bowl that fits oven trays and platters and a smaller water saving bowl for lighter duties. Many of our clients have realised in hindsight that choosing a large double bowl with central partition means they end up with two small and impractical sinks.

Fireclay as a material for sinks is particularly popular, with the glossy white glazed finish enhancing all spaces from the most traditional to the most contemporary. Stronger and more durable than their porcelain peers, the fireclay sink is a quality addition to the home.

Look out for focused corners - a snug fit into corners of cabinetry is always desired. Large unsightly gaps in lower corners gather dust and grime, and can be avoided by making a careful product selection.  When under-mounting Acquello sinks, the flat horizontal surface along the top edge allows for consistently seamless installations.  

Acquello sink protector racks protect china and glassware while being washed and the sink from heavy cookware. Fireclay sinks are easily maintained using a soft cloth and nonabrasive cleaning product.  

For a sink on par with the quality of Perrin & Rowe tapware, we recommend Acquello fireclay sinks.  

Perrin & Rowe tapware features in Victor Churchill project which takes Premier Award at 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards - May 2010

For the first time in the history of the Australian Interior Design Awards, a retail project took out the coveted Premier Award for Interior Design Excellence and Innovation. The honour was bestowed on Dreamtime Australia Design for Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher’s new store in Woollahra, Sydney.
The project, which also won the Retail Design Award, was described by the jury as an “influential project that is likely to be a catalyst for change in the direction of retail design in Australia.” They went on to say that the “designers have taken risks and bravely experimented with program, material and customer experience. The interior speaks to all the senses and has an educational function, as it reveals the process of butchery.”

Sally Gordon, Senior Designer at Dreamtime Australia Design, selected Perrin & Rowe Aquitaine kitchen taps and accessories for the project. The Aquitaine melds traditional French styling with fine English workmanship and is available in a range of six gorgeous finishes. We are delighted to have been involved in a project of such high calibre and wish Dreamtime Australia Design and Victor Churchill continued success in 2010.

For further information on this stunning project and other winning entries visit

Latest advice - Pressure balancing shower mixers – behind the scenes.. Jan 2010

We have all used single lever shower mixers but very few of us know what lies behind the handle and the faceplate. Have you stepped into a shower, adjusted to just the right temperature, only to have someone, somewhere else in the house, turn on a tap or flush the toilet which completely changes the water temperature. The same thing can happen when a dishwasher or clothes washer starts to fill. A drop in the hot water supply abruptly gives you a cold shower while a loss of your cold water immediately leaves you with scalding water and places children, elderly and disabled people at risk of serious burns. This problem is avoidable if you buy a shower mixer with a pressure balancing valve. There are generally two types of mechanisms for single lever shower mixers and each responds differently to this situation. The simplest is like a single lever kitchen or basin tap mounted into the wall, as it uses the same ceramic disc valve as a kitchen or basin tap. These valves are the least expensive, but they do not provide for any changes in water pressure or temperature. The second type of single lever shower mixer has a purpose made mixing mechanism which is known as a “pressure balancing valve”. A pressure balancing valve is a sophisticated plumbing device that reacts to changes in the pressure of the incoming water. The hot and cold water supplies are fed into the shower mixer and the job of

the pressure balancing valve is to ensure that the volume of mixed water which leaves the shower mixer is a constant mix of these two supplies, even if the delivery pressure of one of them changes. In the event of a drop in the hot or cold water supply, the output of the shower will immediately reduce to the pressure of the lowest supply line. There is no risk of the user being frozen or scalded as the pressure and temperature of the water being fed to the shower outlet is kept constant, even when the supply pressure is not.  

• Manufactured in England with WaterMark certification.  • The water flow and temperature are controlled by the single lever for ease of use.  • Fitted with a pressure balancing valve to accommodate changes in incoming water pressure and thus provide safe, comfortable showering.  • Pressure balancing mixers are suited to most systems. A minimum inlet pressure of 0.5 bar/50 kpa (5 metres head) is required to achieve adequate performance. Accordingly, some gravity fed systems may not be suitable for pressure balancing mixers.  • Maximum inlet pressure is 5 bar/500 kpa.  • Note that pressure balancing mixers are not “thermostatic”, i.e. temperature sensitive.  

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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