By: The Corrective Clinic  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Exercise, Physiotherapy

The Corrective Clinic has a strong hands on approach that provides us with the innate ability to decrease pain, relieve tension, increase blood flow and return movement to normality through a combination of trigger point work and deep tissue release work in combination with various stretching and spinal or peripheral work dependent on the injury of each individual.

Our Massage therapy skills are complemented with manipulation and mobilization of the spine and periphery. Because of our strong anatomy and physiology knowledge we are able to go deeper than most therapists working within the safety of tissue parameters penetrating tension and gaining the best results because of this. Our massage sessions are also a format for you as an individual to get information on how your body is moving and wear areas of concern may lie within your structural system. Allowing a massage session to also become educative and proactive in helping you prevent further issues.

As physiotherapists we have the skills to mobilize and manipulate all parts of the body ranging from the spinal column to hands and feet. We work very closely with the team at Advanced joint and spine and if there is any concern for a specialist manipulative therapist then these skills are readily accessed by our client base.

Keywords: Exercise, Physiotherapy

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We combine our biomechanical knowledge of the body with structural anatomy and physiology principles with manipulation, mobilization, education, exercise supervision and prescription, massage, trigger point release, stretching, pilates an exercise science principles to cater to all groups.



We use our exercise practice in a number of ways, apart from the obvious positive effects of stress management, strength, power, endurance gains, weight management. We work from the ground up making sure that all areas of the core are active and able to hold the limbs to begin and sustain safe pain free functional movement.


Fitness Testing

Our testing regime is catered to our clients levels of ?tness and ?exibility to which they are currently measured at with the results allowing our team to set realistic goals and achievable results. Measurements from testings based on various cardio, anaerobic, strength, endurance and ?exibility testing. The ?tness testing is an important application to the rehabilitation and ?tness process. Girth measurements of the bodies appendages.