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By: The Comic Shop  06-Dec-2011
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Comics can be good on their own. Comics and related merchandise such as posters, Tshirts or action figures, now that's a powerhouse for total joy. the Comic Shop stocks a range of products designed to help you get the most out of your comic collection and to immerse yourself in all things the comics have to offer.

Looking for a sniff of energon? Ask a Transformer. Trying to remember where you parked your car? Sure it's not a Transformer? Pumped with majestic busts or packed in action with small figures, it's one or the other.

Hardcovers, trade paperbacks, the Phantom, all the majors and their minors along with the major minors.

Crammed full of porcelain, polystone and other goodness from the likes of Bowen Designs to Marvel Select and Art Asylum to Dynamic Forces, no other retailer comes close to the range and array on display.

If you're looking for three versions of the Comic Book Guy, hunting down that Disco Stu or just want to amass your own town collection of dioramas, we're sure to have it.

And if we don't, then it's on its way.

Not to be outdone by anyone, the head knocker and bobble head display will make you nod in crazy unison as the characters from The Flintstones to Freddy versus Jason and Rocky and Bullwinkle to the Terminator himself line up shaking yes, yes, yes. Are you okay? Yes. Is the sky a purple haze? Yes. Are the geese in the sink for real? Yes. All questions answered, all answers unquestionable.

Looking for the Clerks inaction figures or the Pink Panther himself? Maybe there's that hidden desire to own Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph from Happy Days. What about Ren and/or Stimpy? The walls are bursting at the seams with action figures from DC Direct to McFarlane Toys, all waiting for you to stare at them through their blister pack homes.

What's a comic collection without the essential ritual of bagging, boarding and boxing? Really messy, that's what. So don't let that mammoth tower of comics one day consume you in a frightening pile of chaos as the stack topples over and catches you out. Prevention is better than the cure, stock the stock now!

Magazines, Current size comics, those from the Golden Age or even that period of the Silver Age, we gots the goods to cover yours.

For those collectors looking for more protection over their action figures we also carry blister packs for the blister packs.

Looking for something else?


Keywords: Action Figures, Blister Pack, Comic Shop, Comics

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For every customer that is a standing order customer, and whilst the Australian dollar is doing so mighty backing board fine against the US greenback, you'll receive a 10% discount on any purchases you make or order through the Comic Shop. The bedrock of any comic shop, and a solid pillar of the Comic Shop, the standing order is for when you're a little busy with life and other commitments and can't come into the store on a weekly basis.


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The bedrock of any comic shop, and a solid pillar of the Comic Shop, the standing order is for when you're a little busy with life and other commitments and can't come into the store on a weekly basis. Short of jacking you with an IV straight to the bloodstream, the Comic Shop will do what it can to help you get your fix of comics and related merchandise on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.