Lenticular printing for 3D,Flip and Animation Graphics

By: The Colour Box  06-Dec-2011

Colourbox lenticulars can range in size from a business card to a billboard and every size in between.  We have a very clever production system inhouse for producing short runs of large format lenticulars and for smaller format and larger run sizes we have production completed in China with our business partners there. 

A variety of lenticular effects are possible including:

3D                                           Flip      

Animation                                Morph       

Zoom                                      Explosion etc

Why use a lenticular?

3D and Flip Lenticular pictures are very useful promotional products.  Research shows that motion and 3D pictures attract the attention of people

approx 6 times

more than an ordinary flat picture. People will stop and scrutinize the lenticular image for a long time providing marketers an extended opportunity for their target customers to take in the message. As well as grabbing customers' attention easier a lot of people keep such pictures as a souvenir, and do not throw them out into the trash like ordinary pictures and ads. This really is the dream of all promotional companies?

The effectiveness of 3D and motion lenticular advertisements is many times more than ordinary images can be.

Some ideas for lenticulars include:

Business Cards                                  Postcards              

Posters                                              Billboards

Souvenirs                                          Giveaways          

Magazine Covers                               DVD Covers          

Book Covers                                      Mousepads        

Sports Cards                                     Packaging 

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