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By: The Cognition Factory  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Solve Business, Solve Business Problems

Although we are firmly grounded in the research industry it is our unique skill set and approach to research that keeps us on the edge of innovation.  We have a vast toolkit at our disposal but our real value is working with our clients to solve business problems or inform strategic decisions.

We are constantly searching the globe to find innovative and tested methodologies to continuously enhance our solutions to our clients. This ensures access to insights that go beyond the scope of traditional research and data dumps.

Are your clients or consumers complex? Do you really understand the expectations they have towards your business? How about ensuring the right pricing and product mix is targeting to the right customer?

Our new clients are often telling us “we know what our customers think” this may be so, however we propose a better way! The ability to measure customer perceptions provides for a benchmark to track interactions with them and measure key strategies and their influences on the relationship moving forward.

Although this is one of the ways quantitative research is used the foundational principle remains constant. Grounded in science and statistics, quantitative research can mitigate the risk of not ‘knowing’.

Below are some areas where quantitative research is used.

Customer Insights – Providing for two way communication between your marketing output and the customer’s voice.

Brand Strategy – Understand where your brand sits in the marketplace, understanding the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that are perceived by your target audience.

Advertising Effectiveness – Are your customer’s receiving your messages? This will measure your target audience media behaviour and consumption habits.

Stakeholder Relations – Measuring multi-stakeholder relationship should be an important aspect of any business, particularly in this day and age where business are expected to be good social and environmental citizens.

Pricing analysis – Creating test markets where pricing and marketing are tested to find the optimum solution to meet consumers needs.

Ever wonder what consumers or your clients really think about your business?

Ever thought of giving them the opportunity to truly express themselves, their thoughts, their feelings and dare we say it even their emotions towards your business or brand?

Our unique qualitative service can provide intimate insights on the relationship your target audience has with your business or brand.

Really understanding the relationship between yourself and your target audience can go a long way to determining success in your organisation. And while qualitative research is not about giving the consumer a platform for their opinion, it is about a carefully crafted conversation – an intimate dialogue with a mutually beneficial outcome – for both.

Never before in history has the consumer held more power in defining a brand or business, with the advance of social media, the voice of the customer can grow loud and more importantly, influential!  When all they are really looking for is a business that has authenticity.

Our suggestion? Truly understand them! Allow them to express who they are and what they want – from you.

And the most effective way to do this is to engage in an intimate conversation – a dialogue without boundaries.

How does one truly know that their brand and company values are portrayed by their internal stakeholders? Furthermore, what are competitors doing that you’re not and perhaps should be?  This is the power of our mystery shopping.

Ways mystery shopping can be used?

Brand Promise Measurement – You might have a brand promise that could be “you offer the best price, if not you’ll beat it by 10%”. To ensure you live up to this brand promise we would utilise a basket of goods to benchmark pricing over numerous competitors.

Core Values and Service Measurement – Do your staff always portray your friendly service values and key product attributes? Mystery shopping can support you in measuring these values, identifying star performers and supporting weeker performers.

This requires observing audience behaviours related to a particular environment. For example, foot traffic in a particular retail area, or the length of time it takes to select an FMCG product in a consumer environment. This typically does not involve interaction with the audience, if anything is more inconspicuous so not to bias the audience decision making.

How observational research can be used?

Time in choice – measuring the time consumers may take to select a product to better understand the triggers for purchase.

Our toolkit compromises of some of the resources we use to support the methodologies we adopt and primarily revolve around how we collect information.

Our key philosophy around collecting information is to match the audience we are engaging with. Whether it is a moderator or a interviewer we are careful to ensure nothing gets lost in translation and your brand is represented appropriately.

Online Surveys - We have a full in-house online survey solution allowing us to design, code and brand surveys to ensure the respondent has the best experience possible while engaging with the research. Online surveys are typically less expensive than your traditional paper based and telephone interview surveys and are more easily managed.

CATI / Telephone Interviewers – Our CATI team is well trained and equipped with the best technology to carry out our research requirements. We also adopt strict quality controls to ensure accuracy and relevance while keeping client anonymity and respondent privacy.

Intercept Interviewers – Our fieldwork team is trained and equipped in the art of the ‘intercept’ and to persuade respondents to participate in the research. Typically used to assess immediate client experience i.e. exiting a redisigned store.

Focus / Discussion Groups – Our team of recruiters can ensure we have the right people at the right place to ensure that high quality discussions can be held in a comfortable environment.

Mystery Shoppers – We have a well equipped team of trained mystery shoppers ready to engage with your project.

Paper Based Surveys – A more traditional form of data collection but still useful.

1 on 1 / In-depth Interviews – Our team of interviewers are experienced at interviewing at the executive level and with high value clients.

Omnibus Research – From time to time we will initiate a market study and invite relevant industry partners to participate in the program.

Online Discussion Groups – this is a relatively new methodology and is largely reliant on the the audience. It can prove to be cost effective and have a relatively short turn around time.

Keywords: Solve Business, Solve Business Problems