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By: Th Solar  06-Dec-2011
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SLR 1500/16

  • Sleek low profile design

  • Extremely efficient heat transfer coefficient

  • Can be retrofitted to existing hot water cylinder

  • Ideal for new homes

  • Low, medium and mains pressure capable

  • Closed or open loop available

  • Modular design means more units can be added in the future


How it works

TH Solar uses "Heat pipe" technology to harness the sun's energy and has NO WATER CIRCULATING in it's panels . The vacuum in the glass tube, being the best possible insulation for a solar collector, suppresses heat losses and also protects the absorber plate and the "heat-pipe" from the outside conditions. In a relatively cool climate especially the South Island this increases thermal output substantially. This results in exceptional performance far superior to any other type of solar collector. Each tube contains a sealed cooper pipe (heat pipe). The pipe is then attached to an aluminium fin that is in contact with the special absorber coating. . Protruding from the top of each tube is a metal tip this is in effect the condenser. These tubes are mounted, the metal tips up, into a heat exchanger. As the sun shines on the black surface, heating the inside of the fin, the refrigrerant is heated and hot vapor rises to the top of the pipe. This condensation within the tube is the basis of a heat pump and gives off large amounts of heat. Water, or glycol, when pumped through the copper pipe through the centre of the manifold picks up the heat from the manifold.

The system

The controller has three temperature sensors situated in

  1. The roof manifold

  2. The bottom of the tank and

  3. The top of the tank

When the roof manifold is 8°C more than the bottom of the cylinder it will start the pump and the water will be pumped through the manifold cooling the manifold and heating the passing water. When the manifold has dropped in temperature to 3°C more than the bottom of the cylinder it will stop. (This may take 2 minutes)

The controller will wait for the manifold temperature to rise again and the process starts again.

If during frost conditions the manifold sensor gets below 2°C the controller will tell the pump to start and circulate warm water through the pipes. This will stop when the manifold temperature reaches 6°C.


Advanced Solar Controller

  • The Advanced controller enables the operator to set the temperature and timing of the backup heater.

  • The controller will check the temperature of the water in the cylinder at certain times of the day (set by owner) and if required will boost the temperature to the desired level.

  • The controller will allow owner to heat water on night rate

  • The controller will sense if there is a frost danger in the pipes and will circulate water

  • Will heat water up to 70°C automatically if temperature in tank has not been up to 70°C within last 7 days



  • The Wilo pump is an industry standard German pump used by all leading Solar Companies

  • The Grunfos pump is used for larger applications and is recognised as the world leader in pump technology


The TH Solar Backup Station

  • The TH Solar Backup Station can be fitted to our system to operate the system when there is a power failure.

  • The TH Solar Backup Station will operate the system on a battery backup for a period of up to 4 days giving

Keywords: Manifold, Pipe, Pump, Tube