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By: Tembria  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Network Management, Routers and Switches, Snmp Browser,

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Tembria SNMP Browser tm - Free!
Free and Easy-to-Use SNMP Browser
Tembria SNMP Browser gives you an easy, graphical way to view and monitor SNMP values on your routers, switches and other SNMP-enabled devices. With Tembria SNMP Browser you can view the entire list of SNMP values and filter them to focus on values important to you and your organization. You can also export the views you create and view them in Microsoft Excel or HTML format. Another option is to view SNMP values in a graphical tree format so you quickly drill down to the values you are looking for. Lastly you can bring multiple SNMP items from different parts of the tree, and event different hosts, into one view using the integrated dashboard. More About SNMP
SNMP stands for "Simple Network Management Protocol". It is supported by many routers and switches but other types of devices support SNMP too. For example, Windows supports SNMP as do many Linux distributions. SNMP has a reputation for being difficult to learn and use. With Tembria SNMP Browser you have easy access to SNMP values. We've hidden all of the hard stuff and made the information available in an easy-to-use utility. Quick Links

Keywords: Network Management, Routers and Switches, Snmp Browser,

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