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By: Telogis  06-Dec-2011
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Telogis SaaS work order management platform provides the greatest visibility into the real-time workings of field staff and gives business owners a dynamic tool to ensure that each system is working together to guarantee the most efficient and accurate performance in the field. Telogis Progression offers real-time job creation, tracking (including estimated time of arrival and completion), routing (including preplanned routes and dynamic changes throughout the day), dispatching, customer service notifications, route compliance reporting, job completion reporting, real-time traffic conditions and a rich interface to existing ERP systems.

Smarter Work Order Management

  • Job Clustering Overview

    Patent-pending spatial clustering technology to make managing thousands of jobs faster, easier and more intuitive.

  • Minimize Route Deviation

    Monitor out-of-route miles comparing optimized route with actual route taken. Improve service levels and worker productivity while reducing unnecessary travel costs.

  • Customer Service Notifications

    Offer outstanding customer service with user-defined alerts for a range of updates including job completed, booked appointments, driver delayed or rescheduled work.

  • InSight Real-time Alerts

    Gain valuable business insights with Telogis’ real-time alerting and exception engine, InSight Alerts®. Real-time


    tracking gives you peace of mind, making it easy to monitor and stop unauthorized vehicle use.

  • Live Traffic Routing

    Route mobile workers using live traffic conditions to bypass congested roads. Reduce non-chargeable windshield time while improving delivery times and job throughput.

  • Real-time Plan Monitoring

    Implementing plans is only half the job. Measure, monitor and optimize your planning with real-time and historical Planned vs. Actual reporting. Get alerts for potential service issues or resource conflicts and handle proactively for greater efficiency and improved customer service.

  • Emergency Job Dispatch

    Locate the closest capable technician and dispatch to an emergency job in seconds. Tag new jobs with emergency status and specify driver and vehicle attributes to make sure no time is wasted sending the wrong crew.

  • Existing ERP Software Integration

    As with all Telogis solutions, enterprises can use Telogis Progression’s open architecture, available web services and


    ’s to easily integrate, customize and extend the power of the platform, including syncing with your existing software to add, edit or delete jobs, or integrating with


    and Asset Management Systems.

  • Informed Dispatch & Satellite Imagery

    Dispatch jobs using the most current and comprehensive satellite imagery commercially available, including Streetside and Birds Eye, that allows locations to be verified and better scoping of job requirements including terrain and site access.

  • Custom Job Type Definition

    Categorize different job types and specify color codes to make job monitoring easier and more meaningful. For example, an emergency job type could be set to red to highlight the urgent nature of the work order.

  • Job Compliance Management

    Easily comply with job and customer requirements, dispatching only technicians that are qualified for the job. Integrate customer preferences including vehicle and driver attributes as well as strict time windows.

  • Territory Management Tools

    Drivers, vehicles and depots can be assigned to time-zoned territories. Depots can be used as a central base for groups of jobs.

Unique Job Clustering

When you have hundreds, or even thousands, of jobs to manage every day you need a solution that understands that. A solution that gives you a real-time overview at a glance but also allows you to quickly drill down into detail for a specific location or driver. Telogis Progression offers intelligent zoom control and patent-pending spatial clustering to make sure you never suffer from information overload when reviewing workflow performance.

Planned vs. Actual Optimization

It’s one thing to have a plan but if you have no idea whether you’re hitting your target or not then a plan is just a plan. A color-coded dashboard lets you monitor real-time performance across the entire fleet.

Historical Planned vs. Actual reports allow you to easily review how optimized your fleet plans are, including route deviation, and fine-tune them to improve efficiency, customer service and worker productivity.

Accurate, fast dispatch in real-time

Even the best plans need to be flexible. Maybe a driver is sick, a vehicle has broken down or an urgent job has arisen. Progression will help you make the best decision on how to handle the situation and keep your operation on track.

You’ll enjoy improved cost-savings by not only dispatching the closest worker but with the use of custom tags you can send the most economical vehicle that’s suitable for the job.

Fleet performance at a glance

With complete visibility on your entire fleet, the current status of each vehicle, tracked asset and job, you’ll easily be able to assign mobile resources effectively for maximum utilization, reduced overtime and better on-time service.

Intelligent scrolling means information becomes more detailed to specific territories, crews, vehicles or drivers as you zoom in on the map.

Measure what matters

Flexible view options on the job dashboard allow you to easily see what’s important to your fleet – job status, priority or timing. Custom color coding provides different users with immediate feedback on key job metrics.

Specific metrics can be viewed by simply hovering over a cluster, revealing totals for the current status of your fleet and its workflow.

Outstanding Customer Service

Real-time alerts offer a range of instant, automated notifications that can be used to elevate customer service from the ordinary to amazing without a lot of extra work.

Alerts can be setup for a range of customer interactions including job completed, booked appointments, driver delayed or rescheduled work.

Immediate Job Feedback

With real-time updates showing on the color-coded Job Gantt chart, you’ll know exactly what’s happening, where and why. It’s the ideal way to start managing your customer work orders proactively and highlighting ways to make your business more productive.

Using this real-time feedback, dispatch staff can effectively manage other customer jobs, reassigning resources or notifying customers of any issues.

Keywords: Gps Tracking, Web Services, Work Order Management

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