GPS Truck Navigation System for Workforce Management

By: Telogis  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Work Order Management

The Telogis Mobile handheld application connects workers in the field to their back office with 2-way messaging, HOS reporting, dynamic job management and route optimization. Telogis Mobile connects seamlessly with Telogis Fleet and Telogis Route.

Feature Highlights

  • 2-way messaging

    Communication with workers in the field is essential; Telogis Mobile delivers this through Live Messaging and allows remote workers to stay in constant contact. Ad hoc and canned messaging are supported.

  • Truck Specific Routing

    Route trucks under load or HazMat regulations based on height, weight and width restrictions.

  • Work Order Management

    Drivers can dynamically re-route and optimize their schedule in the field, saving time and fuel.

  • GIS Overlays

    overlays make Telogis maps more useful your users by providing the ability to import key


    and parcel data that’s relevant to your business. Leveraging Telogis’ years of


    experience also ensures 100% compatibility common external


    applications such as ESRI.

  • Fleet, Driver & Team Management

    Real-time vehicle tracking software lets you know exactly when your drivers start their shifts, where they are, how many stops they make and what time they complete their routes.

  • Hours of Service Compliance

    Telogis Mobile automatically stores drivers’ activities by recording on-duty, off-duty, sleeper and driving events. Intuitive reports streamline operations and eliminate administrative paperwork.

  • Voice Navigation

    Voice enabled navigation with truck restrictions ensure truck drivers are solely focused on safe and courteous driving.

  • Last Mile Routing

    Maximize on-time deliveries by using exact


    locations of distribution centers and loading dock facilities.

  • Vehicle Safety Checklist

    Telogis Mobile captures a variety of conditions according to the



Vehicle Safety Checklist

A DOT requirement, Vehicle Safety Checklists ensure safe, responsible driving on the road. Drivers perform a routine inspection prior to leaving towards their first job of the day as well as after their last stop of the day. Telogis Mobile captures a variety of conditions according to the FMCSA requirements such as brake lines, lighting, suspension, and many other categories ensuring you stay on top of safety management and vehicle maintenance knowledge.

Hours of Service Reports

Calculate and store your drivers’ activities by recording on-duty, off-duty, sleeper and driving events all while displaying the available hours of drive time. Intuitive reports eliminate heavy fines due to HOS records being maintained in real-time. Eliminate administrative paperwork with DOT Hours of Service, safety inspection and fuel tax reporting. Each driver is given a “Driver ID” which is critical for not only HOS reporting but serves as a mobile time card.

Work Order Management

Empowering your drivers to react to changes to their schedule is critical to increasing their efficiency and productivity. Telogis Mobile receives routes dispatched from the Telogis Fleet system and allows drivers to create and manage new jobs and store them in their favorite’s lists. Drivers can dynamically re-route and optimize their schedule in the field, saving time and fuel.

3D Navigation with truck and traffic routing

Voice prompted navigation considers your truck’s attributes and traffic data to determine the safest and most efficient routes between jobs. A simplified touchscreen makes the application easy for any driver to use.

Hardware Independent GPS system

Working with proven and reliable hardware partners, Telogis is able to work with you to determine the most suitable


devices for your business. The outcome? You get the best


tracking hardware and equipment which suits your fleet’s needs. Telogis Mobile works in a combination of Windows-based phones,




and Laptops.

Custom GIS Data Overlays

Customers can overlay


data (Shapefile, MID/MIF, DXF, etc.) for complete visibility of assets in the field. Telogis Mobile enables visualization and routing to relevant points of interest such as power lines, sewer lines, land use grids, and parcel data. This custom


data is crucial to technicians, especially in emergency, storm, and incident response, where location of crucial structures sometimes reside away from the road network.

Integrated Location Data

Telogis Mobile automatically reports vehicle location, speed, heading, idle time and other data to Telogis Fleet and Telogis Route in real-time and receives new jobs and optimized routes. The Telogis Mobile Manager dashboard is updated when the driver begins moving, keeping a real-time location on your assets and money. This seamless integration enables your drivers to adhere to best practices and your fleet operations to reap the maximum benefits from your GPS installation.

Live Messaging with Forms

Real-time communication is crucial for you and your drivers; instant messaging ensures you don’t miss a beat. Messages are driven by Telogis Forms technology which can be easily customized and extended to suit your business needs. You can setup checkboxes, dropdowns, textfields, and buttons easily via our user interface or APIs.

Keywords: Work Order Management

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