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By: Telogis  06-Dec-2011
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Telogis Route is a powerful, scalable tool for both strategic and tactical resource planning. Because Telogis Route is web-based, it has a quicker return on investment than other offerings and enables the solution to be deployed quickly to even the largest of fleets.

Featured highlights

  • Planned vs. Actual

    Telogis Route gives you insight to the performance of your resources. Real-time progress monitoring of your planned routes will alert users to potential issues. The information provided can be used to proactively notify customers of delays or identify the need to reassign resources. Historical audit reports provide the data necessary to grade, as well as incentivize locations or individual drivers on


    such as On-Time Starts or On-Time Deliveries.

  • Long Time-Horizon Workload Balancing

    Visibility into future customer requirements allows users to rearrange delivery schedules to balance weekly work on the fly.

  • Territory Planning

    Set geographic boundaries for clear delineation and assignment of customer accounts by route.

  • Route Import/Export

    Existing routes can be imported in order to be viewed within the Telogis Route user interface and further optimized. Routes can also be exported as .csv files for use in other applications.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    The user-friendly and intuitive interface minimizes the learning curve putting you in control of your fleet quicker. Unique features of the interface are tabbed organization, an import tool, help tools & page hints and tips to maximize your usage.

  • API Integration

    As with all Telogis solutions developed on the Telogis GeoBase platform, Telogis Route’s open architecture, available web services and


    ’s make for easy integration with your existing systems.

  • Integrated Geocoding
  • Delivery Parameters

    Model your business by setting the routing parameters to deliver every specified number of weeks and on any number of days. You can also set other conditions such as Days per Delivery, Earliest and Latest Delivery, Time on Site, and Driver/Vehicle Skills.

  • Paperless Route Assignment

    Allows you to instantly send planned routes directly to personal mobile devices. As drivers log in to their devices, their scheduled stops are displayed in the optimal sequence. Voice navigation each stop improves safety and increases efficiency. New or reassigned stops can be sent seamlessly to drivers, eliminating the need to contact them directly.

  • Dynamic Time Windows

    Telogis Route is a versatile tool, incorporating the unique requirements of your individual customers and service visits, such as delivery time windows, driver attributes, and vehicle types. Additional provided features will account for customers on a frequency schedule, and can even ensure that a customer is always serviced on the same day of the week, and by the same driver.

A web-based route planning solution

Telogis Route is a completely web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is accessed through a web browser. What does this mean for you?

  • Web-based software is easy to deploy to de-centralized organizations
  • Monthly model requires less up-front investment and quicker ROI
  • No server hardware to buy or maintain
  • Utility computing backend means the resulting solution is more powerful than dedicated hardware

Visibility on the cost of running a fleet

Telogis Route gives you visibility in your routing costs and provides instant feedback on route plans. Tracking costs for created routes and cost associated with changes to plans has never been easier. The “immediate feedback on costs” feature allows evaluation of impact on your bottom line before committing to change of plan. Telogis Route accounts vehicle fixed and variable costs, fuel costs, regular and overtime labor costs, etc.

Planning based on your business model

Accurate resource usage planning requires input on all elements of your business: driver specialty, customer availability, special vehicle equipment, etc.; Telogis Route has full support for such decision constraints.

What business elements can be used in Telogis Route?
  • Mobile workers
    • Special skills or qualifications of a driver
    • Driver’s base rate and over time rate
    • Shift hours and work days
    • Drivers can begin and end days at home to avoid return trip costs
  • Customer requirements
    • Multiple service delivery windows – such as in the morning or evening, but not during lunch
    • Estimated service delivery time
    • Day of the week
    • Frequency of service visit- daily, weekly, monthly
    • Day of week, week of month preference
    • Specialty service requirements
    • Worker preference – if the customer is accustomed to a certain worker
    • Specify delivery to a dock in back instead of the street address
  • Vehicle
    • Pull-out costs to add a new vehicle
    • Mile-per-gallon and fuel costs
    • Specialty equipment like cranes or other

Strategic routing and resource planning

Telogis Route doesn’t assume to know what KPIs are most important to your business. When optimizing your routes and planning your fleet’s schedule Telogis Route provides you with the tools to balance resources based on what matters most: worker hours, miles driven, revenue per mobile worker or time on site. Long term modeling allows you to build out plans with robust frequency scheduling and there’s also support for geographic territory planning and preferences.

Dynamic scheduling

On a day-to-day basis, things change: drivers get sick, new customers are added. Telogis Route allows you to alter the plan to accommodate such changes.

  • Suggest the best route for a new customer
  • Re-route to determine best new schedule
  • Quickly respond to changes in customer requirements

Advanced driving rules

  • Support for both historical and real-time traffic conditions
  • Physical and legal vehicle restrictions such as: bridge height, weight
  • Custom routing rules such as avoiding left-hand and u-turns
  • Fully localized driving directions for international markets

Strategic decision support

Telogis Route is a powerful decision support tool, providing you the ability to model unlimited scenarios to identify hidden costs and uncover savings opportunities. Each decision can easily be changed and evaluated before being put in to use, or discarded.

View examples of the types of decisions that can be analyzed
  • What is the financial impact of adding new vehicles or drivers?
  • What is the true cost of updating our vehicles? What if we eliminate vehicles or drivers?
  • Would changing driver schedules from 5×8 to 4×10 present savings opportunities?
  • Should we add a new location? Should we consolidate existing locations?
  • Would the cost of adding this new customer be more than the expected revenues?

Current & future workload balancing

Integrate seamlessly into your business

Rich APIs make integrating Telogis Route with other systems easy. With you can dispatch scheduling to workers in the field. You can print paper route cards that include driving directions and specific customer information for “fill-in” drivers. Telogis Route also integrates with for planned vs. actual functionality providing all the added benefits of Telogis Fleet such as: dashboard view of KPIs, Insight ™ alerts, powerful reporting engine.

Benefits Realized With Telogis Route

Reduced Costs

  • Fewer miles driven means less fuel & maintenance
  • Decreased number of routes and vehicles required
  • Fewer work hours and overtime
  • Minimized customer “charge-backs”

Improved Operational Efficiencies

  • Automate labor intensive processes
  • Process governance
  • Centralized management
  • Create daily or weekly route plans in minutes
  • Make better decisions with improved analytics

Improved Customer Service

  • Increase in driver “on-time” %
  • More accurate appointment scheduling
  • Customer service issues proactively managed

Reduced Carbon Emissions

  • 22.2 lbs of CO2 per gallon of diesel
  • 19.4 lbs CO2 for gasoline

Keywords: Web Services

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