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Human Resource Strategy and Delivery

Our interest is in the long term development of your organisation. We believe business goals must drive the HR agenda. Accordingly we assist you with the people elements of strategy delivery and business improvement. Once the people implications of your strategy are discovered it’s about choosing a few powerful, proven, initiatives and executing effectively. Whether the need is to tackle current issues such as attraction, retention and succession or to build an holistic 3 year People strategy we bring experience, innovation and pragmatism to the project. We can provide expertise on a project basis or outsource some or all of your HR resource requirements.

Business Restructuring, Reorganisation, M&A

Most organisations are perfectly designed to deliver today’s results. If you want something better a planned programme of change is required and we can assist, end to end. Whether your project drivers are revenue growth, cost reduction, a new business model or integration of a new acquisition, we can lead both planning and implementation of the required change. From organisation redesign and legally compliant consultation processes through selection and appointment we offer guidance, proven tools and most of all, results. We specialise in communication strategies that build understanding and momentum for change.

Bargaining Strategy, Employment Agreement Design and Implementation, Advocacy

We are acknowledged leaders in this field. Our innovations, particularly our plain English document designs, have set benchmarks which others follow. We are known for practical strategies that deliver the required results and are passionate about maintaining that reputation. We focus on a total business approach rather than the narrower industrial relations context. Successful change requires the agreement of those who are affected. A key competency is our ability to develop and communicate strategies that naturally motivate the majority of staff to accept the changes proposed. We have successfully managed many large projects in both the public and private sectors. Hallmarks of these projects are longer-term agreements with significant annual savings, flexible terms of employment, and an absence of strike action and media publicity.

Employment Relations, People and Performance Problems

Management of employment relations is a key competency of our business. We bring a pragmatic approach focused on creating solutions. We are particularly experienced in helping you deal with staff who are not meeting reasonable expectations. Many clients engage us to provide advice to managers on a 24/7 basis. You can rely on prompt service from your preferred consultant.

Organisation Development

Our EAGR model for organisation development addresses four challenges offering effective strategies to:

  • ENGAGE and retain a diversity of talented people – win their passionate support;
  • Support them to ACHIEVE outstanding results and make the greatest contribution they can;
  • GROW your people – mentor, develop skills, develop careers and develop succession;
  • Recognise, REWARD and motivate top performance

Employment Law

We have a strong capability in employment law, with in-house specialists who focus on ways to achieve your goals. We advise on personal grievances and disputes, taking a pragmatic approach to resolving them at an early stage. If required we are qualified to assist with representation in the Authority or Court.

Reward, Remuneration and Performance Pay

We offer a range of remuneration advice including the design of salary, base pay and short term incentive systems. Key competencies include conversion of wages staff to salary-based pay and the design of both performance and competency-based remuneration systems. We advise clients on integration of Kiwi Saver into existing remuneration systems and we have access to market data as required.

Leadership Development

We have successfully provided tailored development programmes to our clients for over 20years. Our specialist development programmes in employment law, leadership skills, negotiation and consultation skills, and effective management of performance and behaviour are well regarded. We are experienced in design and delivery of accelerated development programmes for high potential future leaders.

eHR Tools, Services and Surveys

We offer a suite of eHR tools to help frontline managers deliver efficiently on their people responsibilities. These include facility for online recruitment processes, people development tools, hosting of employment agreements including creation of appointment letters online, information database and ER help desk for managers and supervisors. Our simple, cost effective survey methodology is suitable for regular employee opinion surveys or ‘one off’ single issue investigation.

Health & Safety and ACC

We believe that good Health & Safety is a state of mind more than a system. From practical experience we can assist you to develop and implement successful Health & Safety programmes with the focus being on lasting behaviour change. We offer advice on effective management of your ACC costs and obligations, including preparation for accreditation and handling of difficult long term cases.

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Building understanding amongst front-line managers about what employees are looking for and what drives turnover, identifying at risk employees and putting in place practical strategies to reduce turnover in their business unit. Employee Relations Workshops: Building skills of managers in all relevant aspects of employment law and the management of performance and behavioural issues through to dismissal.