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By: Techstyle  06-Dec-2011

Centralite JetStream 8 Button Tabletop Controller

Description: With JetStream there are no external repeaters, antennas, base stations, or separate controllers required. Any button can control any scene, event, or load, from anywhere in the house! To configure the system, simply discover all devices, create scenes, and assign scenes or loads to buttons.
JetStream uses the popular Zigbee wireless communication protocol. Nodes (any device on the system) act as repeaters to create a true self-healing mesh network. Dynamic routing algorithms in each device ensure that signals take the quickest and most efficient route from point A to point B.
200+ devices per network
100 scenes
50 timed events (with CL3155000 RS-232 bridge)
Soft On/Off
512 dim levels
Adjustable LED intensity
Configuration is stored in each device, plus a backup is made on PC
Custom engraving is available