PowerChiton™ – weatherproof amplifiers | wireless networking, twisted pair, audio-over-ip | outdoor amplifier

By: Technomad  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Audio System

Fully weatherproof IP66-rated mono block power amplifiers with Balanced Ethernet, RF, and Twisted-Pair interface options
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Fuse-protected amplifier unit
  • Compact and durable
  • Optional pole-mount
  • Two line-level inputs, volume of each adjustable via internal mixer
  • Expandable with optional Ethernet, wireless receiver, or twisted pair audio interfaces.
  • UV stable enclosure
  • Highly efficient mono power amplifier unit
  • Integral two-line mixer, accepts balanced audio signals

Applications: distributed audio systems, pole-mount audio, themed entertainment, concert delay systems, installed audio where no equipment room is available, networked audio over IP, mass transit / train yard audio, wireless audio distribution, airport and boat terminal audio, more.

The PowerChiton series of weatherproof amplifier modules represent a new approach to outdoor audio systems. Combining a high performance, passively cooled amplifier with a IP66 rated, low-profile enclosure, the PowerChiton offers the system installer or designer a new solution for the problems of distributed outdoor audio system design.

There are four sizes of PowerChiton available- 130w, 250w, 525W, and 1000W (mono, 8-Ohm ratings)

While they were optimized for use with the Technomad , and weatherproof loudspeakers, the PowerChiton can be used with any eight or four ohm loudspeaker.

The PowerChiton base model ships with two line-level inputs, which can be independently adjusted by an internal mixer.  The PowerChiton has available expansion options enabling it to work on an Ethernet network (accepting any bit-rate MP3 format audio for VOIP or Audio-Over-IP applications), RDL™ Twisted Pair installation, or FM wireless distribution system.  When combined with Technomad’s wireless transmitter, the PowerChiton system provides an unrivaled way to distribute audio and amplify it at maximum quality.

The PowerChitons can be wall-mounted with the included mounting feet. Pole-mount adaptors are also available as well as hardware allowing the modules to be installed on the back of the associated Technomad loudspeakers.

Q: Yes, but what is up with that name?
A: A Chiton (pronounced , like the “Ki” in kite and “Ton” like a ton of bricks) is a handsome, tough marine mollusk, which weathers the harsh tidal zones of the Pacific Northwest and other areas with ease.  .

Performance Specifications

  • PowerChiton 1 Max. output power @ 1% THD+N130w @ 8Ω
    250w @ 4Ω
    300w @ 2.6Ω
  • PowerChiton 2 Max. output power @ 1% THD+N250w @ 8Ω
    500w @ 4Ω
    750w @ 2.6Ω
  • PowerChiton 3 Max. output power @ 1% THD+N525w @ 8Ω
    1100w @ 4Ω
    1500w @ 2.6Ω
  • PowerChiton 4 Max. output power @ 1% THD+N
    1500W @ 8Ω
    2000W @4Ω
    2000W @ 2.6Ω 

    Ideal for powering up to three Technomad or Loudspeakers, or the Technomad .


  • Wireless Transmitter Base Station
  • Wireless Receiver Module (factory installed in PowerChiton)
  • Ethernet Audio-Over-IP module (factory installed in PowerChiton)
  • RDL Twisted-Pair receiver Module (factory installed in PowerChiton)

Physical Specifications

  • Cabinet: Polycarbonate (gray/black)
  • Flame rating: UL94
  • Outdoor UV rating: UL tested
  • IP rating: IP66
  • Dimensions:
    • PowerChiton 1 8.50”/216mm x 7.36”/188mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 2 10.50”/266mm x 8.50”/216mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 3 10.50”/266mm x 8.50”/216mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 4 12.5″/317mm  x 10.5″/266mm  x 5.35″/136mm

General Specifications

  • Power input: 6’ 12/3 AWG pigtail (110-120 60 Hz or 220-240 50 Hz VAC)
  • Audio input: terminal block, internal – compression fitting provides weatherproof cable access
  • Network Connection (optional) : RJ45 Ethernet jack
  • Audio output: 2x NL4MP Speak-On
  • Mounting options:
    • Flange mount
    • Pole mount
    • Speaker mount

Architectural Specifications

  • The amplifier module shall be a single passively cool type integrated into a weatherproof, polycarbonate NEMA enclosure rated for IP66 exposure.  The unit shall be fuse-protected and capable of operating off of either 120vAC or 220vAC power.  The unit shall offer options for flange mounting and pole mounting.  The unit shall be rated at UL 94 for flame resistance. The unit shall be UL rated for UV resistance. The unit shall be capable for operating a 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms and 2.6 Ohms.  The unit shall have a THD + N less than .01%. The unit shall have a total efficiency of better than 81%. The unit shall be expandable to operate as a network audio device with optional Ethernet module.  The unit shall be passively cooled via an exposed, weatherproof aluminum heat sink.  The unit shall be expandable to operate on a FM wireless system with optional wireless module.  The unit shall be expandable to operate with RDL Twisted Pair™ distribution systems.  The unit shall be a Technomad PowerChiton.

Keywords: Audio System

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