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By: Sb Simpson  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Inventory Management, Purchasing Systems

Beyond the quality MRO products we supply, we offer expertise in inventory management and purchasing systems. Our technical specialists can identify an extensive range of flexible services tailered and customized to your specific needs.

Inventory Management

Stores Audit & Overhaul

Often the first step to an S.B. Simpson partnership is a Stores audit and overhaul. We document the items already in stock and prepare recommendations on deletions, additions, substitutions as well as reorganization & storage suggestions.

Bin Inventory Management Service - (Bin Fill)

A member of the SB service team can monitor your "Bin" or "Stores" inventories and trigger the release of replenishment stock. We then manage your inventory on a predefined schedule. We can adjust inventory levels to minimize overstock. Our goal is to assist you in simplifying your ordering process by decreasing your on-hand inventory and reducing your transactional costs.

Bar-Coding & Custom Labelling

To compliment our unique Bin Fill program, we have the ability in-house to produce descriptive custom labelling for your bins and stores locations. This usually includes a barcode for scanning purposes, a complete description and your part number if required.

VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory

We offer complete vendor managed inventory services, and optional usage reporting to assist in controlling your indirect material spend. Each program is tailored to your specific needs, achieving significant cost reductions and productivity gains.

Automated Inventory Management

We promote the CribMaster inventory management software and related automated tool dispensing systems. Please contact your local branch to assist you in determining a custom vending application to meet your needs, and ultimately offer control, accountability and reduced consumption.


By monitoring your purchases, our staff can identify multiple purchases of duplicate or substitute items in a single plant or across multiple plants. This reduces redundancies, ensuring uniform costs and quality.

Dedicated Inventories

We often stock critical items that are specific to our customer's needs. This can reduce your inventory investment and eliminate costly down time. We will work with you to establish terms specific to your situation and products.

Purchasing Systems

Custom Part-Number Ordering

To streamline your ordering process, we encourage our customers to order with their unique part numbers. In fact, our preference is cross-reference these numbers to our EDP numbers to ease in both order entry and reporting. We can even offer to assist you in developing a part number system if you don’t already have one.

P-Cards (Procurement Cards)

We have many customers that use a number of different P-Card systems, including Level 3 transactions. We can make recommendations on what can best meet your needs and streamline your internal processes. There are various means we use to automatically dispatch our invoices; via fax or e-mail, or manually produced hard-copies which are subsequently mailed.

ARO's - Automatic Release Orders

Many of our customers save time by taking advantage of automatic releases of specific products to eliminate the need for repeat purchase orders. Our computer can automatically generate a repetitive order based on pre-determined release rates. And you still maintain total flexibility - you can speed up, slow down or cancel individual releases at any time.

Contact us for more information on our Purchasing Systems.

Keywords: Inventory Management, Purchasing Systems