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Two-Way Radio and Data Solutions

Which Radio is Right for My Application

  • From a Road Job to Campus/Plant-Wide Coverage
  • No Re-occurring Usage Fees
  • Portables, Mobiles, Base Stations
  • Applications:
    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Transportation
    • Warehousing

Northeastern Communications, Inc. features two-way radios from manufacturers such as Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, and others. We have a large selection of professional/ commercial radios to fit any budget and need. From the job site to a campus, two-way radios increase productivity and profitability by allowing users to instantly communicate with each other without re-occurring monthly charges.

On-site, two-way radios keep your staff in constant contact with each other and include mobile units installed in vehicles; portable units, which can be carried by users; and base stations installed in fixed locations. Northeastern Communications can also provide and install a repeater station to extend your radio coverage throughout a large building, campus or across town.

  • Motorola Advanced Technology Systems
  • Complex, Privately Owned Systems
  • Applications
    • Public Safety
    • Public Service
    • High-Tier Customers

Northeastern Communications is a Charter Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, Motorola System Specialist, Motorola Agent and Motorola Service Station. Combined with on-staff engineering and technical services, we are able to provide advanced system design and project implementation.

We feature public safety grade communications and data systems by Motorola. Motorola has been a leader in high technology, public safety systems for many years. Recently, Motorola's Commercial Government and Industrial Solutions Sector was awarded the Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award.

Northeastern Communications and Motorola can provide a communication system to meet any need and budget. There are many types of analog and digital systems to choose from.

Analog systems can operate within the FCC's recently mandated 12.5kc, narrow band channel spacing or in legacy 25kc spacing. Motorola also provides APCO 25 compliant, digital ASTRO systems. The APCO 25 standard was developed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the public safety user. Motorola's ASTRO digital technology provides users with increased range, advanced signaling features and digital encryption not found in analog systems. With ASTRO technology, voice and data are transmitted within narrow band (12.5kc) channel spacing. Most system types are available in analog or digital platforms within the VHF, UHF and 800 bands.

System Types:

Typical User - Public service, as portable coverage may be less than desired for public safety users.

A single, stand-alone repeater is installed at a site central to the required coverage area. The repeater will extend the range of portables and mobiles to ensure that dispatch, portables and mobiles can communicate effectively within the area.

Repeater with Voting
Typical User - Public Safety user that requires portable communications.

A repeater with voting is similar to a stand-alone repeater, but has enhanced portable talk in coverage required for public safety and advanced users. Voting receivers are installed strategically to eliminate portable talk-in dead spots. The receivers are connected via phone lines or radio links to a central location where the best quality signal is automatically selected and routed to all users. Use of this system requires a single site to provide adequate talk-out coverage to the entire service area.

Simul-Cast Repeater with Voting
Typical User - Public safety agency that requires multiple sites to achieve portable talk out coverage.

A Simul-Cast repeater system utilizes multiple transmitters simultaneously to achieve desired talk-out coverage and voting receivers to achieve desired talk-in coverage. This combination of technologies provides users with the very best coverage possible. Motorola's simul-cast technology uses recently developed GPS technologies to achieve the precise timing required to provide excellent voice quality even in overlap areas.


Typical User - Towns, cities and large campuses.Trunking is a product used to share system resources with many agencies. It consists of multiple radio channels and a system controller. Trunking systems are available in analog or digital, single site, with or without voting and/or in simul-cast configurations as detailed above. When a user presses a transmit button, they are assigned a channel and instantly connected to all the other users in their talk group. Multiple levels of priority can be assigned to talk groups to ensure public safety. Priority users have immediate access to the system. Many agencies can share the system without interfering with each other's operations, because each agency would have its own talk group.

Analog vs Digital

Analog format radio systems have been available for years and are still in use by many commercial and mission critical radio users. Analog radio systems provide consistent performance for a certain distance or range and when that range is exceeded the performance drops off slowly and the users hear more and more static until they can no longer differentiate the voice from the background noise.

In the recent years digital radio systems have been adopted by many uses. While there are several formats of digital radio systems, they all provide enhanced range and audio recovery. This is due to the fact that digital radios recover usable audio more constantly over a longer distance providing more system range. As long as some signal is present users experience full, robust communications without static.

There are two primary formats of digital radio systems. They are MOTOTRBO for commercial and enterprise users and P25 ASTRO for mission critical and public service users.

MOTOTRBO or TRBO is a robust platform of portable, mobile and repeater units that provide superior audio quality and range when compared to analog systems. TRBO units utilize state of the art audio processing and smart Impres accessories to provide "better basics" and enhance the user experience.

Additionally the TRBO platform can provide short messaging sometimes called "text messaging" and GPS functionality with both mobile and portable units. TRBO is a TDMA based platform that provides users with two groups or "channels" on one frequency when used with a repeater.

The TRBO platform also supports IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus Trunking. These two capabilities expand the capacity and usable service area for your TRBO system by allowing multiple conversations on one system at one or many sites simultaneously.

MOTOTRBO combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications.

P25 also know as Motorola ASTRO is a digital format that was developed by and for public safety professionals as the standard for mission critical communication systems. The ASTRO P25 protocol includes standards for Trunking and can also be used for a conventional system. ASTRO systems include such digital signaling features such as PTT ID, emergency, radio check, call alert and many others. Additionally, ASTRO systems can support Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) which provide a platform such as over-the-air programming and GPS operation.

Motorola¿s extensive portfolio of portable, mobile and repeater units and conventional, Trunking and console systems are unsurpassed in the industry giving users a wide selection of products and system types to choose from. Motorola¿s ASTRO P25 products provide superior audio quality and range when compared to analog systems. ASTRO units utilize state of the art audio processing and smart Impres accessories to provide the highest level of performance and to enhance the user experience.

Motorola ASTRO P25 combines the best digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications for mission critical and public service users.

Private Mobile Data Systems

Private mobile data systems provide secure, reliable mobile data communications. Private mobile data utilizes customer owned infrastructure to send and receive information to and from field units. While EVDO and other public systems provide similar service, they may become overloaded and unusable during peak times or disasters. Additionally, the end user has no control of coverage or up time of a public system.

Northeastern Communications and Motorola can provide a turnkey data system to meet your needs now and in the future. Together with Motorola and other manufacturers Northeastern Communications, Inc. can supply a full line of ruggedized laptops, PDAs, tablet computers and wireless LAN products for every application.

Custom software applications, solutions and network support can be provided by Northeastern Communications, Inc and its associated company Dispatch Management Solutions, LLC.

Point to Point Wireless Links

As a Motorola wireless broadband partner Northeastern Communications can provide a wide variety of point to point and point to multi point broad band links. These links can be used for IP data communications as well as leased link replacement. Motorola¿s exclusive technology provides links that can operate in a near line of sight scenario and provide reliable, robust, high speed data throughput.

Models such as the PTP-600 can provide 300MPS of IP throughout with very low latency and also provide integrated T-1 transport. The PTP-600 is "best in class" and is ideal when highly available, high speed data or T-1 replacement is required.

Our engineers can design a PTP link for the smallest to the largest application. We utilize state of the art path prediction tools that allow us to design a link to provide the specific reliability and throughput that is required for any application.

Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex manufacture various styles of portable and mobile units to meet the needs of a variety of users. Subscriber units are available with displays for ease of operation and with unit ID/Emergency functions, which instantly alert a dispatcher in case of an emergency. Many units have additional features such as encryption, Unit ID decode and GPS location services. For more information on which and features are right for you application please contact us.

Mobile units are configurable in compact front mount, versatile two-piece/trunk mount, and dual-head styles to accommodate almost any application.

Control Consoles

Motorola provides a full line of control consoles. These range from compact desk set remotes to multi-position, high-volume dispatch consoles. Motorola consoles provide ease of use and maximum up time through advanced diagnostics and self-healing properties. Installation of Motorola's console products combined with Watson ergonomically designed dispatch furniture by Northeastern Communications will ensure a safe, reliable and efficient emergency dispatch environment.

Two-Way Radio Accessories

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