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By: Robertsons Pharmacy  06-Dec-2011

Private Consultation | | Robertsons PharmacyRobertsons PharmacyRobertsons Pharmacy

Your privacy on health related matters is very important to us.

We have available a consultation room for use when you prefer to discuss your medicine requirements in private.

Private consults may also be preferable when discussing such things as weight management, performing skin assessments and recommending beauty products.

Simply indicate to any one of our staff that you would prefer a private meeting and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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There are hundreds of supplements on the market and we take great care in only stocking reputable brands. Dietary supplements can play an important role in maintaining or improving your health.


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Medico Blister Packing: We are able to dispense your prescription items using Medico blister packs upon your request. Gift Vouchers: Robertsons Pharmacy specific or Unichem gift vouchers are available. Consultation Room: We do have a private room available for confidential matters. We are able to book your Hawera appointments with Linley Ladd.


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Kate Morgan Weight Management Program is a pharmacy endorsed program designed for you to enjoy great tasting meal replacements drink, a large range of healthy foods, as well as pharmacy support to help you lose your weight and keep it off. This program is designed to restrict your calorie intake, which encourages your body to burn body fat, while you change your eating habits.


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In doing so they can help you with: skincare that is great to touch, fragrance that delights the nose, cosmetics that dazzle your eyes and of course all the health products you need to radiate your internal beauty. Our consultants support this definition when assisting you with beauty and fragrance selections in order to find your beauty combination. Beauty can be defined as “the combined qualities that delights the senses”.