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By: Vivian Pharmacy  06-Dec-2011
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Our pharmacy service includes professional advice and counselling to you about your medicines.

Dispensing Prescription Medicines

Just bring in your prescription provided by your doctor, dentist, specialist or midwife. We will then accurately and efficiently dispense your prescription and provide advice about the medicines that you have been prescribed. We can also give you a MEDINFO leaflet to take away with you, about your medicines.

We maintain a confidential medication profile for each client, keeping a list of all medicines that have been prescribed. For your safety, we have an obligation to report any significant findings about your medicine to your prescriber – your doctor, dentist, specialist or midwife – that wrote the prescription. This is always done in a confidential manner.

Information provided at the time of dispensing will include:

  • Directions for the safe and effective use of your medicine

  • The expected outcome of therapy (what results to expect from taking your medicine)

  • What side effects may occur and what you should do if you experience any side effects.

  • How your medicine should be stored.

  • How to safely dispose of any unused medicines

If you wish to ask for further information about your medicines, please don’t hesitate to do so and a private consulting area is available if required.

With each prescription you will receive a receipt that details the total cost you will pay, and the cost paid by the District Health Board (DHB). We will make sure you are told about any charges additional to those agreed in our contract.

Our Medicine Sachet System can be provided to help with compliance and managing your medications. A small fee applies to this service.

Our pharmacists are happy to answer any query on medications and minor ailments either in person or on the phone. The names of the pharmacist(s) on duty will be displayed clearly at the pharmacy at all times.

Waiting Times

We encourage our customers to wait for their prescriptions, as it will generally only take a few minutes. If we do not have your medicine in stock, or we are unable to supply the full amount at the time of original dispensing, we will make suitable arrangements to ensure you get your medication as soon as possible.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are entitled to a repeat on your prescription we will only dispense this on your request, provided this is before the final date on the label. You can call in, phone or fax us to let us know when you need a repeat and we will do it straight away for you to collect or have delivered.

Prescription Records
We maintain a record of the prescription items that have been dispensed to you by us. Details are kept on our computer, which includes items paid for by your family (Adult partners and children aged 18 years and under). Please make sure that we have the correct members of your immediate family included as part of this record. You may wish to keep these records yourself. If so please ask.
After paying the prescription charges for 20 subsidised items, at any pharmacy, from 1 February to 31 January each year we will issue your family a Prescription Subsidy Card. The subsidy card means you are entitled to pay lower prescription charges for subsidised medicines.
We dispense your prescription according to the professional requirements required by the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, the subsidy requirements of the Pharmaceutical Schedule and our contract with the District Health Board.

Your Safety
We have written and implemented policies for security and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.
Medicine Delivery
If you are unable to collect your medicine from the pharmacy we will deliver it to you at no extra charge. Delivery times are 4.3Opm to 7pm Monday to Friday (this excludes weekends and public holidays) Due to safety reasons we will not leave medicines at home if no one is home.
We charge you the correct co-payment level (prescription tax) and these charges are set down by the government. Please ensure we have your correct card details. You have a right to ask us about the cost of your medicine, if you do not understand how we calculated the final cost.

Medicine charges may change, sometimes each month, depending upon the subsidy price negotiated between PHARMAC and the drug company. If the subsidy on the medicine changes, you may incur a different price for your prescription.

A premium is charged if the prescribed medicine is not fully subsidised. If you ask about this additional cost, we will always inform you if there is another alternative medicine, which is fully subsidised.

We carry a full and comprehensive range of Prescription Medicines and Special Foods and are happy to stock all medicines on request.

After Hours Fee
An after hours fee of $2 per prescription item applies from 1pm on Saturday, all day Sunday and Public Holidays.
Drug Information
We have a large number of reference books and access ' to the Internet and Drug Information Services to answer any query you have.

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