Slides and Photos to DVD at Preserve Your Memories

Slides and Photos to DVD at Preserve Your Memories from Preserve Your Memories

By: Preserve Your Memories  03-Dec-2009
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DVD slides shows.At Preserve Your Memories we take 35mm slides,negatives,printed photos,digital photos and video clips and put them together onto a slideshow which is then authored onto a dvd with menus and titles that can be played in any dvd player.
Preserve Your Memories also do photo restoration of photos that have seen better times,and bring them back to there full glory,and if it is black and white we can also colorize it.
Just remember that printed photos and slides fade and deteriorate over time...but on a dvd they can last for generations,and your legacy will live on.
Preserve Your Memories is a home based business,and with that we treat each and every customer, and your photos and slides,with the care and respect as if it were our own.
We understand the value that these memories hold,and to us it's not about making huge profits...our main objective is to give you an affordable way of Preserving Your Memories so that future generations can look back at you and your way of life.

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