Xbox 360 REBALL service

By: Modz  05-Apr-2012
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Your xbox may do either of the following, all relate to the same problem which is a GPU connection problem. For the best repair available, we recommend this premium REBALL service to help ensure the problem cannot occur again.

No Video/Audio Only: You have checked your AV cable, it looks all OK and is plugged in properly, but theres no video output on the screen. If your getting 4 red lights, your AV cable is not inserted correctly.

1 Red Light and E74 on screen: 1 Red light is flashing and there is an error on the screen saying Contact Microsoft Xbox support.

3 Red Lights flashing: This is the dreaded Ring Of Death, Red Ring or other various names. Nothing on the screen, just 3 red lights flashing at you. You can find a secondary error code while this is flashing (see info below).

These faults are caused by a manufacturing design flaw which causes some BGA (Ball Grid Array) connections to become open circuit on the motherboard, so the signal cannot get through. This occurs after many thermal cycles as the console heats up and cools down. The vulnerable lead-free solder balls combined with pressure from X-clamps and a high point in the chassis cause the Lead-Free solder balls to crack or become open circuit.

With this premium REBALL service,  we REPLACE the stock LEAD-FREE solder balls with high quality, longer lasting and more durable LEADED solderballs.

We also include with this premium service the Uni-Clamp cooling kit. This also helps to reduce operating temperatures by spreading more GPU/CPU heat away from the motherboard. Highly recommended for all consoles, and included as part of this REBALL service.

We expect you will get at least 1 year of hassle free gaming with this repair with normal use.

Not all 3 red light/RROD faults are the same. There is a 4 digit secondary code that you can find by holding the 'sync' button down and pressing 'eject' four times. Do this while the console is on and displaying the 3 red flashing lights. The amount of segments that show up on the 'ring of light' represents a number. 4 segments = 0, 1 segment = 1, 2 segments = 2, 3 segments = 3

The most common secondary code is 0 1 0 2 - which just indicates that there is a problem with the GPU, most likely it has lifted from the motherboard due to board warp.

You could also find 0 1 1 00 0 2 0 or 0 0 0 1 - These indicate that slightly different parts of the motherboard have been affected more than the GPU, and may require further investigation, requiring more repair time. There are other secondary codes that may not be fixable with this repair in which case we will advise you of when you inquire with us.

Keywords: Psp Repairs

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