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Play all your games from a USB drive!

For the cost of less than 2 brand new game discs, you never have to bother with burning game discs again (like with firmware modz), so there's no on-going costs.

BASICALLY this is the tool you NEED if you want to have the option to play your backups on Xbox Live and you already have a way to rip or obtain the game .iso files (around 8.5gb). Since you need a special 0800 v3 drive to rip these games plus a way to power the drive, it is not an easy option for most people. Now that the Glitch hack is out, if you dont care about Xbox Live, then you're better off getting that mod instead, since it rips any 360 game straight to the hard drive, much easier than dealing with .iso's.

You can now also select USB games from the Picture library on the 360 menu, so you dont even need to get up off your seat to load games :)

x360key is a full-fledged computer system running embedded Linux. It is capable of many things such as:

  • Emulating the Xbox 360 DVD drive
  • Reading USB hard drives and other USB media with various file systems
  • Updating itself and other hardware from USB media
  • Communicating with the remote and other external USB devices
  • And a lot more! (embedded Web server and Wifi connectivity for example)

The remote is a simple yet stylish piece of hardware that features an OLED display and 3 buttons. It connects to the x360key motherboard via a high speed USB2 connection. It also has USB port for connecting USB hard drives and other devices. The OLED and buttons are used to control various aspects of x360key. It is also used for browsing attached USB media devices and launching games.


Does it rip/copy games?
This is not currently possible with the x360 key, you still need a way to get your game.iso file on the USB HDD. Currently you need an Xbox 360 DVD drive with 0800 v3 firmware, and a way to power the 360 drive (console or special adaptor) to rip all the latest Xbox 360 games. The designers have mentioned that it is a feature they are working on, but we are still waiting to find out when this will be possible.

Can you use it on Xbox Live?
Yes people are already using this on Xbox Live with no problems. Because it is a hardware mod, it is likely to be even more secure than any custom firmware mod. However there is always the chance that somewhere down the line it may be detectable and flag your console for a ban, so as always use on Xbox Live at your own risk, remember - you have read and agreed to Xbox Live's Terms And Conditions.

Does it work with the latest games like Gears Of War 3 and Battlefield 3?
Yes it does, the new XGD3 format is fully supported, so it works with all games.

Configuring xKey - Fats
xKey requires a dump of the original firmware from your drive. This is copied to the xKey's SD card, when the xKey boots the firmware file its analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.If you have CFW (modded drive to play backup discs)
Then whoever modded your drive should still have a backup of the firmware, and that is this file that is used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW.If you have a stock drive (not modded to play backup discs)
A dump must be obtained using available tools. There are many different Xbox 360 drives out there, even though the consoles look the same. You should determine which drive you have and if you want to do this installation yourself, you will find you need some specific computer hardware to connect your drive to PC, where you can then use free software to do the firmware dumping.

Configuring xKey - Slims
xKey requires the file set (dummy.bin etc.) that can be created with available tools, these are copied to the xKey's SD card. When the xKey boots, the files are analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.

If you have CFW (modded to play backup discs)
The person who modded your console should have a backup of the required files and they are used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW.If you have a stock drive
A dump must be obtained using available tools.

Firmware Dumping
Currently the xKey can't dump the drive firmware. Updates, planned for the not so distant future, will allow xKey to perform this task for you. There is no need to flash your drive and 0225+ owners can enjoy all the benefits of xKey without the hassle of swapping PCBs or waiting for an unlock hack.CFW: Custom Firmware (modded)
OFW: Original Firmware (not modded)


Right here, right now:

    • User friendly: intuitive interface, no soldering required
    • Compatible with both Fat and Slim models
    • Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
    • Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
    • High speed USB2 interface
    • Stylish USB control pad for selecting games and controlling your x360key
    • Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
    • Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
    • FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
    • Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
    • No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
    • AP25 supported
    • XGD3 supported
    • Pass-through mode. (Use your Xbox 360 in "normal mode"
    • Multi Disc Games supported

In A Firmware Coming To You Soon:

    • Web Control Panel *
    • DVD Key retrieval (this may require another peice of hardware, it is not yet known if it is possible)

Work in progress:

    • Loading games from NFS and Samba shares
    • Xbox Live support
    • Backup original Xbox 360 games to USB hard drive

* Requires WiFi dongle (sold separately)

Keywords: Games, Psp Repairs

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