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By: Modz  05-Apr-2012
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Simply the coolest and most advanced modification for your Wii, with no expensive hardware like with the WODE jukebox for example.

This is an unlocking modification that allows the user to install custom 'channels' to their Wii console, and also run any unsigned code such as homebrew applications, to add more function and features.

We can apply to this mod to pretty much any Wii console,up to system version 4.3 (this is the latest update from Nintendo), so dont worry - we can mod yours too!

The mod comes with the following homebrew applications:

 This is a custom made program with many advanced features, all displayed in a radical menu system that perfectly matches the Wii system. Save your Wii discs directly to the connected USB HDD, and play! Requires your USB HDD to be formatted with WBFS which we will do if you buy the USB HDD from us, or send yours in with your Wii console (requires formatting, all data on HDD will be deleted unless partitionable). 

Other apps can be installed using this handy app. Some apps are system apps used for more advanced things like adding code to the system NAND, this can be dangerous for your Wii in the wrong hands, so its recommended to only get the basic apps. Using this Homebrew Browser you can easily add more cool Apps to your SD card as you require them. It connects to the internet and displays the homebrew programs directly to your Wii, then you can simply select the ones you want and hit 'Download'. The apps are saved onto your SD card. YouTube Video:

This Mod Requires an SD card for saving these applications. If you do not have one to send with your Wii, you can add it to your order using the drop down box below.

For years people have been paying over $140 for a WODE device (+ installation) which does just the same thing, but in a more complex way. This soft mod technique is the best value for money upgrade you can get for your Wii console. No internal modifications are required, so there's no intrusive wiring or cables that tend to break with the WODE, no expensive LCD screen with annoying nubbins needed to scroll thru games etc, just good built in software that works seemlessly with your Wii system. 

To get the most out of the USB Loader, it is best to have a WiFi setup so your Wii can connect to the internet and download the game covers and disc images, so your USB Loader menu looks as awesome as in the pictures. It still works fine without the internet, but you wont have any of the pretty art work.

As well as the SD card, you need a USB HDD for this mod so you can save the games to it. If you dont already have one, you can also select this from the drop down box below and we will add it to your order. The HDD will come with its own warranty and fully setup and working so you can just plug and play when you get your Wii back. We only re-sell the best value for money, brand new HDD's you can get, not cheap or refurbished models. This will ensure your games/data remains safe for years to come. If you dont want to send us your HDD or buy one from us, you can set it up yourself using the PC program : WBFS manager (free download). The USB HDD must be inserted into the correct USB port on the Wii, which is the lower one when the Wii is laying flat.

Play ALL REGION games! - If you want to play games that are bought from overseas, this is what you need. By default your Wii is restricted to EUR region games (in NZ), but with this mod you can easily enable 'REGION FREE' for both Wii and Gamecube original discs. [Play wii games from overseas]

Play BACKUP/COPIES - This is available on most Wii consoles, however some consoles produced late 2010 onwards have newer drives that prevent any backup discs from running.

Wii Media Center - Another great useful application that plays DVD discs, as well as .avi movies etc from SD card. Also has YouTube viewer built in, and other Radio/video streaming services.

Please Note:

It is recommended not to update the Wii system version after having this mod, since the update could disable the mod and block it from being re-installed. Simply decline any update request and your Wii will remain modded.

Copying games you do not own is breach of copyright. Modz does not endorse or condone such activities. It is for the purpose of unlocking capabilities and functions that owners should be entitled to. It is up to the owner/user to use within the relavent and applicable laws. Do not use this mod if you intend to be a 'pirate'.

Although unlikely, there may be limitations with some games, now or in the future, we cannot say for sure. We have tested around 30 of the most popular games out and all have copied and played perfectly.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Games, Psp Repairs, Wii,

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