Wii Component Cable

By: Modz  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Game Console, Psp Repairs

This component AV cable provides high-definition video signal transfer between game console and high-end TVs or monitors for optimum piture resolution and colour.

Precision 75-ohm impedance for maximum signal transfer - extended 1GHz bandwidth.

Each individual cable in the pod is double EMI-RFI protected: 100% aluminum foil shield and 95% spiral-wound copper braid.


- Wii connector to 5 RCA male colour-coded component video (red, green, blue)

- Fully molded construction colour-coded stereo audio (white, red)

- Left and right audio. Ultra-flexible jacket for east routing and installation 24K Gold-plated connectors ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free connections.

Keywords: Game Console, Psp Repairs

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