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By: Social Eyes  16-Jun-2011
Keywords: Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Having a business Facebook presence and engaging in Facebook marketing has proven benefits for your business, no matter what size or industry involved in. If you have been contemplating Facebook for your business, it is time to stop think and start acting; the following are the key benefits of Facebook marketing for your business:

  • Brand awareness: Facebook is a great resource for branding and increasing the brand awareness of your business. Being the most popular social media site in the world, attracting visitors in the millions in various age demographics, having a business presence on Facebook creates an essential interception point for building your relationships with current and prospective customers.
  • Customer interaction and engagement: providing the perfect platform to engage with your customers, there are a wide range of applications that can be used to create polls, competitions, promotions, events and encourage feedback, even participation in the delivery of your businesses goods and services. Getting current and prospective customers involved in your business develops brand champions who will share positive word of mouth, both online and in the real world.
  • Drive Website Traffic:Due to the massive volume of people visiting Facebook each and every day, your Facebook business page can be a fundamental driver of traffic to your website.
  • Networking: Facebook is a social network; businesses can use the advanced sharing and connecting functionality in the software. Search and connect with people, groups and businesses that are involved in your industry, are past customers, suppliers, etc. By being connected with these individuals and businesses, you will effectively increase the visibility of your business to target customers.
  • Reputation Management and Opportunity Identification: Facebook is an invaluable resource of candid and honest comments about businesses and products, providing invaluable feedback which can be utilised for the management of your brand, business; as well as feed back into the fine tuning of business offerings and the identification of opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Lead Generation: Facebook marketing for business is a great tool for sourcing and verifying leads. Potential customers profiles may provide you with the information required to qualify the lead and access information to build a relationship with prospects; aiding in the lead generation and qualification process.
  • Client Retention: Providing a reason for a customer or visitor to return to the website and business again and again has long been the challenge of business and corporate websites. Facebook marketing allows business to provide interactive content in a branded environment; while engaging with the customers builds loyal relationships
  • The Cool Factor: Put simply, social media is cool. It is not known who is currently searching for your business, or conducting research on potential suppliers. A presence on Facebook, with positive engagement with clients and resulting positive feedback on the business Facebook page could easily be the edge that a business or customer needs to choose you. The perception that Facebook is ‘cool’ and ‘in’ may create the edge to your brand to provide the competitive edge in the marketplace – creating a unique customer perception.
  • Viral Possibilities: Word of mouth has long been the holy grail of marketing and lead generation. Now that people are communicating on Facebook, as well as other social networks, electronic word of mouth conversations can reach millions of people.

Keywords: Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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