Metro Wood and Pellet Fires

Metro Wood and Pellet Fires from Metro Fires

By: Metro Fires  06-Nov-2009
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 Metro is a family owned business that is totally dedicated to the ongoing development of New Zealand’s best range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products at affordable prices. The design criteria for the Metro range of wood fires was to achieve exceptional performance and long life, presented in a compact stylish form at an affordable price.

Development and innovation didn’t stop at the Metro; Pioneer’s revolutionary wetbacks (not boosters), and boiler systems overcome those ever increasing winter power bills for thousands of satisfied Metro owners. Metro’s catch phrase is “Dare to Compare”. So before you purchase a wood fire, compare the range of Metro wood fires to the other brands available…

  • Are they New Zealand made and owned? – Metro is proud to be 100% New Zealand made and owned, supporting local industry and New Zealand’s future.
  • How thick is the firebox? – All Metro’s are 6mm, even the “Tiny” models. You will find some brands use 3mm, possibly because 3mm costs 50% less than 6mm!
  • Will they burn overnight? – A major feature of LTD Model Metro’s is their responsive control of burn rate for overnight burning.
  • How much room do they take up? – Compactness is a Metro feature, all models have minimal clearances and the “Tiny” models have the smallest floor protector of any NZ wood fire.
  • What about the Guarantee? – Metro has an “unconditional” 12 month guarantee (yes unconditional) with a 5 year firebox guarantee which you can extend to 10 years for a small fee.
  • Can I have a Wetback? – Most Metro’s can run wetbacks which will heat all your hot water needs. Surprisingly most other brands don’t!
  • What do people say about them? – You won’t have to look far to find a Metro owner! Metro is NZ’s No. 1 selling wood fire for lots of reasons, and Metro owners love them.
  • What about the price? – That’s the really pleasant bit….Metro has style with quality, performance and features at prices that make the other brands shiver!

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