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Time Trial results in OC1 Ladder.

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OC1 Time Trials from Dec 20 08th.

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In the recently held Long Distance National event, the top New Zealand crews raced a course of 27km in Northland in some pretty tricky conditions. The top honours went to Team Goodyear, who took out line honours in the last Takapuna Beach Cup race.

Right now, all the New Zealand crews are preparing for the sprint championships, which are held in January. This will make for a challenging build up to the greulling 42km changes race.

Grizzlies win Gold at the Long Distance Nationals...

... and only just!

Firstly congratulations to Marty H, Tim and Darryl winning Gold, Gold and Silver in their divisions in the OC1 races on Friday – good effort.

Apart from the disappointing entry numbers that made the trip North, the race last Saturday was a great event.. good organisation, running pretty much on time, excellent race venue and great food afterwards.

The race wasn’t bad either!

Haven’t got a lot of info about how the SMM went but here is a summary of the race from a MM perspective..SMM perhaps someone could forward through a summary of your race.

Conditions were pretty much ideal.. 15 – 20 knot off shore breeze with a protected start line meant a good start by most crews and after the initial burst 5 crews started to pull away from the pack – Goodyear, Manukau Open, Grizzlies, Manukau Masters and Phoenix. The race was going to be a classic race of two halves, half with a running wind-swell behind you and half pushing back into it.

After 3 k Goodyear and Man Open had built a steady lead on Grizzlies and Phoenix, a lead that ultimately would build steadily in the race. The real race for us was for first masters and for the next 10 k it was neck and neck, wave for wave with Phoenix. The waves were small but definitely catchable and Grizzlies tried to conserve as much energy as possible going with the swell whilst still pushing hard. Phoenix were doing really well but as it proved later probably working very hard to keep pace.

After turning around the furthest island there was just a boat length in it with Manukau Masters some 200 metres back in third. As we started pushing back into the wind it took a while for the crew to gel into a good rhythm, the lack of time on the water as a unit was evident. However, after some good talk on the boat (well most of it) we got a good rhythm going and started slowly but surely pulling away from a tired looking Phoenix. With 5k to go we had opened a good 150 metres on Phoenix who had now been overtaken by Manukau masters – still we felt we had it pretty much in the bag.. we were wrong.

Manukau Masters, who have been training hard for Tahiti we flying at the end. Grizzlies had to lift and lift quickly if we were to repel the challenge. The home leg into the beach was some 3 – 4 k and along the whole length of the run it was game on with Manukau seeming to take a line that gave them the maximum protection from the tide and better boat speed for a lot of the way. Not that I looked around once but someone that did told me (yeah right) that on the angle they were only a few boat lengths behind as at one point.

After 20 ks of full on racing Phoenix the last thing we wanted to do is blow the finish with a new challenger Manukau. In an effort that went on longer than we were hoping we managed to keep a reasonable safety buffer and crossed the line 32 seconds ahead on Manukau in a time for the 28k of 2hrs 08 minutes 55 seconds.. just 32 seconds ahead of Manukau with Phoenix still trying to find their bundle that they dropped somewhere on the course.

Probably a good lesson in terms of preparation, because of a scratchy build up with crew combos unsettled we really had to work to the limits to get the job done....but in true Grizzlies fashion in the end everyone just paddled hard and got the result we were looking for... no harm in saying though we were pleased it wasn’t another couple of k.


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