By: Tailor Battery  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Portable Power, Energy Density

The safest of the lithium rechargeable batteries with outstanding cycle life, good energy density and excellent power density. LiFePO4 offers light weight and the best repeatable, stable high-temperature performance of the lithium chemistries.
Applications include portable Power Tools, electronics and EV. The technology is an ideal lightweight Lead Acid replacement. LiFePO4 has the cell voltage 3.25V

Ni-MH chemistry is the next step in Nickel based batteries, boasting higher energy density and no memory effect resulting in an affordable, longer life, more durable solution for  applications suited to 1.2V rechargeable cells.

High energy density/unit volume but has a greater mass. Very well suited to standby power applications where reliability are a must. A robust power solution typically available in 6V, 12V, or 24V at capacities ranging from 1.2A/h up to 100’s of A/h.

Keywords: Energy Density, Portable Power