Spa & Activity Reservation

By: Tac  06-Dec-2011

Resources are limited. In order to make the most out of the given possibilities, we developed Reservation Assistant according to the principle of optimal allocation of resources.

The most limited resource in daily business is probably “time”. For this reason Reservation Assistant simplifies your work processes and helps you to use this resource as effectively as possible. This you will discover when making even your first reservation within the system.

When choosing a treatment, Reservation Assistant automatically suggests the most suitable employee (optimal in terms of efficiency and time). The reservation of the room includes set-up time as well as post-processing time. Of course, the system also marks the guest as blocked during the treatment. If one of your therapists is not available at short notice, Reservation Assistant reassigns arranged appointments in a way that avoids dead times.

Individual wishes are already considered when making a reservation. Does the guest prefer a male or a female employee? Do you have to avoid certain scents because of a guest´s allergy?

Systems that simplify processes are only useful if the guest´s flexibility is not limited. The way in which exceptions are dealt with shows the true excellence of the host – and the power of Reservation Assistant.

Your Benefits

  • Reservations including staff/room and other resources
  • Automatic suggestions for optimal dates
  • Quick edit by Drag&Drop
  • Individual views
  • Color coded indication of hotel guests reservations
  • Check reservation conditions
  • Evaluate capacity utilization
  • Guest history and reports

Other products and services from Tac


Package Reservation

If a guest exchanges a service within the package for a more expensive one, the price difference is automatically billed to the guest and is posted to a separate account. Exchanging items and calculating the appropriate surcharge – Reservation Assistant assists you with its well-designed functionality. The revenue is created when individual services are performed and can also be split according to the type of individual items.


Spa & Activity Software - mobile loyalty card

Your mobile engines allows your guests to make reservations or book treatments in your spa within seconds simply using their mobile phones. Sustainable customer retention and unparalleled guest service for wellness operations - with TAC´s mobile loyalty card. The mobile loyalty card is a sophisticated app that replaces conventional plastic customer cards and membership cards.


POS / Retail

Detailed reports and sales statistics, such as journal entries and guest statistics, provide added value for your spa management and financial controlling. If you have defined different prices for different seasons, Reservation Assistant automatically considers the right price for the current season. Sophisticated interfaces to the hotel management software allow you to charge sold products to the hotel bill.


Voucher Management

Whether it is a birthday, valentines or wedding gift, these vouchers can be personalized with a greeting message of the customer’s choice - An excellent option for the extremely busy and the extremely forgetful alike. A unique number that is printed on the voucher as a barcode allows you to determine the current status of all vouchers or an individual voucher in circulation at any time.



We envisioned a solution that would work according to the rules of the international hospitality industry and would understand the structures and requirements of this business. All these operations belong to the same industry, but work under different structures and have special requirements for software solutions. Our goal was to create a software that can be used in a flexible manner for the entire spectrum of wellness companies.


Digital Signage

Digital Signage helps you present your range of services attractively and communicate it to your guests via screens at strategic locations: In the hotel lobby, at the entrance, at the spa reception, in front of the seminar rooms, in the fitness center, or at the bar. We offer an extraordinary feature for your spa: Available treatments are automatically selected from Reservation Assistant and offered to your guests on all screens in the hotel.


Spa & Activity Software - product

From voucher sales, membership management and retail – the right software solution simplifies your workflows and optimally aligns all resources, enabling you to save precious time that you can invest into outstanding guest service. We envisioned a solution that would work according to the rules of the international hospitality industry and would understand the structures and requirements of this business.