Marketing strategy, target market, marketing plan, unique selling proposition, brand, positioning

By: Synthesis  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan

In order to run an effective marketing campaign, you need to have a well planned, carefully thought out and most importantly, achievable marketing strategy.  This involves taking the knowledge you have as the expert in your business, applying some market analysis, then identifying the key elements that will define your marketing moving forward. Elements such as your target market(s), competitive advantage, unique selling proposition, brand and positioning.

These elements are crucial to your marketing strategy and will shape all of your marketing programmes, campaigns and communications. They will form the backbone of your marketing plan.

When you have clearly defined goals and objectives and a well developed marketing plan, it’s so much easier to remain focused on the marketing that needs to be done to grow your business. It’s also a lot easier to say “no” to all those advertising reps who keep calling!  If it’s not part of your marketing strategy, then why would you waste your money?

Keywords: Market Analysis, Marketing, Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy

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Market research, focus groups, in-depth interviews, postal surveys, online surveys, desk research

Understanding the demographics of your market… the pre-purchase behaviour of your customers and prospects… how well your brand is recognised and perceived… the offers most likely to appeal to your customers. With the help of Synthesis Marketing you can source this information, then have our experienced team apply it directly to your marketing strategy and programmes.


Marketing communications, websites, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, target market, graphic design, media releases

By developing a good understanding of your marketing strategy – when it comes to writing your communications, we’ll know exactly what your objectives are, who your target market is, what your point of difference is and what offers are likely to appeal. Getting marketing communications to change the behaviour of your customers and prospects, so that they want to buy more from your business, can be a challenge.


Customer retention programme, retaining customers, customer database, loyalty programmes, CRM

In fact we can help you every step of the way from collecting customer information for your database to developing regular communication plans that will ensure your customers never forget you and keep coming back for more. We’ll work with you to develop loyalty programmes and compelling reasons for your customers to spend more with you and less with your competition.


Marketing workshops, keynote speaker, Helen Down, marketing training, Synthesis Marketing

A 90 minute workshop full of practical tips and advice on how to enhance your networking skills and gain the most value from the networking you do. Full and half day interactive workshops to get your marketing on track, plus an excellent workbook to use in your business. The importance of customer relationships. Five easy steps to your marketing plan.


Marketing audits, marketing review, business goals and objectives, marketing strategy, Synthesis Marketing

At the conclusion of the audit you’ll receive a concise report of the findings, with an emphasis on recommendations for improving your marketing performance. By conducting a marketing audit of your business, Synthesis will uncover the answers to these questions and many others. Are you throwing more and more money at your marketing yet don’t have a feel for what's working and what isn't.