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By: Symbio Networks  06-Dec-2011
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SONAR - Business Support and Operational Support System

SONAR is the result of years of Research and Development and millions of dollars of investment by Symbio. The result is a state-of-the-art convergent billing and operations platform, providing web portal self-service billing and e-commerce payment gateway facilities. The platform is fully customisable and extendable with our open API and feature rich web templates.

SONAR has been designed, developed and deployed by Symbio Networks for a number of different service providers with different business models. SONAR provides a cost-effective, high capacity, scalable system that provides both flexible wholesale voice and data service options. SONAR is highly scalable and utilises UNIX clustering architecture to suit to the size and environment of the network.

In today's climate, businesses require higher performance with no errors and SONAR's BBS and OSS provides the solution with greater automation and accuracy. Elevating the need for manual processes, errors whilst providingcomplete online visibility of the entire billing and operation process.

Functionalities of SONAR

SONAR provides subsrciption services to customers, both in 'pre' and 'post' paid real time rating

SONAR is able to authenticate card services and can be used as a full function or part of another service

SONAR provides an in-built subscriber account management facility

SONAR has an administrative GUI for technical and customer support purposes

Benefits of SONAR

  • Supports 'Off-line' and 'On-line' modes of operation
  • Allows you to provide pre and post-paid service delivery
  • Advanced billing engine architecture
  • Real-time billing control for the network
  • Reduces fraud and bad debt whilst simplifying the management of the network
  • Mutliple time-zone and currency support
  • Ongoing 24x7 technical support
  • Detailed reporting features


SONAR has the ability to authenticate a user by multiple means:

  • CLI (Caller Line Identification)
  • PIN (Personal Identity Number)
  • Username and Password combination
  • Card/Voucher number and PIN combination

This means flexibility in service delivery for the service provider and ease of use for the customer. The authentication means are available to all subscribers and all services in SONAR - pre-paid and post-paid.

Services can be authenticated by CLI - saves time in entering PIN number, adds security and ease of use for the customer. Services can be authenticated by CLI and PIN number for added security. Card/Voucher authentication can be used to distribute credit to subscribers.

Keywords: Account Management, Billing, Business Support, Research and Development, Service Providers, Sonar, Technical Support, Web Portal

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