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By: Surfboards  06-Dec-2011

In ‘08 we had been playing with The STEALTH and he loved the quick, tight radius pocket surfing it allowed, but never felt confident using one in heats. His trademark carving style relied on the SD2s drive. In an effort to loosen up his surfing, and retain drive, we combined the two into….The SCORCHER.

Featuring the same low entry rocker, forward outline and rear rail line rocker of the Stealth, but the wide bump squash, and vee out the back from the SD2. By lowering the Stealth’s center line rocker and keeping the rail line the same…we created a deep vee out the tail ( with more carving drive) hybrid of the SD2/STEALTH.

Kolohe used this model to win 3 National titles last summer at Lowers. Gorkin won the 2009 ECSC and 3 other Pro events this year on one. This board is all ready the rage amongst the custom order crew. Ride about 2″ shorter 1/8″ thinner and 1/4″ wider than an F1 or Whiplash type short board.

Shaped on location at The Boardroom, Gisborne, New Zealand

Price $825.00 (bigger then 6′1 add $30)

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The Boardroom Surfboards New Zealand - flexlite

We added two new sizes to the Gorkin Anarchy Quad for the bigger guy that wants a small wave board that has enough volume to paddle while still being able to rip on. The 5’4” was added for the 180+ guy that wants a small wave board that they can do airs while still being able to paddle. Not only will these take a beating, it’s great for those small, mushy days and it will hold in bigger surf.