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By: Supertrucks  05-Apr-2012
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Product Scope

Supertrucks manufacture vehicle bodies and convert panel vans for the purpose of carrying glass and related window and conservatory products. Supertrucks racks have been utilised to carry garage doors and various rigid sheet and panel products used in the building and construction industry.

Supertrucks, “the safe way to carry glass!”

Supertrucks support an extensive customer base of blue chip companies throughout the ever evolving glass and window industry. With a strong commitment to strengthening our lead in the future, Supertrucks continue to develop new and innovative products. Market trends have changed in how glass is stored and distributed, currently increasing the demand for multi-functional glass carriers that include special features such as removable internal racks to facilitate the option of pallet loading.

Development of the external rack design will continue with special emphasis on improving airflow performance to reduce wind noise and fuel consumption.


Bodies are custom built to a high specification mounted to chassis ranging from 3.5 tonne to 32 tonne GVW. Construction is dictated by tonnage but all include in varying proportions a combination of aluminium and steel.

Roof design options include fixed, partial opening or concertina opening giving up to 85% access to allow crane loading/unloading. Sides can be sloping to accommodate a rack, vertical to maximise load space or curtain enclosed for pallet loading.


On a glass carrying body, the rack is an integral part of the vehicle side, but the racks can also be manufactured as a stand-alone unit for attaching to panel vans. We can produce a rack for all makes and models, from lightweight 1.5 tonne to the heavier 7.5 tonne GVW.

All Supertrucks racks are manufactured to a patented design using aluminium extrusions and inset rubber profiles. Dependent on load type, we offer 2 load securing pole systems and/or a quick-release multi-strap system.

The racks can be pre-manufactured allowing us to offer a “while you wait” installation service.

If the rack is to be utilised for loads other than glass, then the quick-release multi-strap system is a safe and less expensive option. The straps have unique end fittings that locate and lock into the rack pillars and are available for horizontal and/or vertical use.

There is an extensive range of options available for both glass carrying bodies and racks for a more customised requirement.

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From panel vans under 2 tonne up to 32 tonne rigid chassis. Provide visuals to help design and develop new livery. Tailor a conversion to meet your needs. From enquiry to on-the-road, we can. Deliver to your door on completion. Paint to match your livery.