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By: Supertrucks  05-Apr-2012
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Supertrucks – Custom Engineering Specialist Racking - 21/07/2011

St Helens based Supertrucks has just completed two custom-engineered vehicles for customers in Germany. These latest designs reflect the company’s ability to design and build individual, customer-specified vehicles for maximum operational efficiency. Also, thanks to a major investment in CNC manufacturing equipment, Supertrucks has now expanded the number of products it makes in-house to include specialist van racking and storage equipment, which are shown to good effect on these latest vehicles. As such these vehicles incorporate Supertrucks custom-built racking, which is designed to maximise operator efficiency and engineered to combine minimum weight and maximum strength. Designed for on-site domestic glazing applications – with much input from the customer - Supertrucks has produced a unique and versatile, Citroën Relay 35 chassis cab based vehicle. This vehicle is fitted with an all-alloy dropside body, which incorporates a Supertrucks open A-frame glass and window carrying rack.

The rack, like the body, has a silver anodised finish and includes all the latest Supertrucks patented safety features. Thus it is equipped with the company’s System 2 security poles and the Supertrucks Glass Stop! which prevents glass carried on the rack from sliding forward in an emergency brake application.

The external, full height (2300mm), full length (3500mm) face of the rack is designed to carry large window frames or very large sheets of glass and has a wide lower ledge for maximum carrying versatility. The inner face of the rack is half the height and is specified to carry doors and smaller window frames. Both sides of the rack have light grey rubber product bearing surfaces – a no cost option on all Supertrucks racks - which is designed to prevent white window frames being marked in transit (as it would be with black rubber).

The space inside the A-frame rack is shelved and also includes a Storpeado tube to carry up to 5m long plastic extrusions. At the front of the body Supertrucks manufactured storage lockers, with roller shutter doors, are fitted on either side of the vehicle. A high roof VW Transporter van was chosen for an unusual application. The German customer wanted the smallest possible vehicle to carry plate glass. The need for a small vehicle was necessitated by its working environment in the crowded, highly congested inner city area of central Berlin. To meet customer requirements for a compact glass carrier Supertrucks has fitted a special, slim-line profile, 2600mm long x 2540mm high plate glass carrying rack finished in anodised silver. The van’s interior is fitted with a light-alloy plate glass rack, complete with special security poles.


Supertrucks continues to raise glass transport/handling safety and efficiency standards with a September double first. The St Helens headquartered company has just designed and built the first glass carrying rack conversion for the newly launched Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano van ranges. The company has also launched an innovative quick retracting access ladder system, which will improve the safety and speed of gaining roof rack access.

Peter Wright, Supertrucks Ltd’s chairman, comments, “Supertrucks has further strengthened its position as the leader in glass carrying transport technology. Our new glass carrying racks for the new Master/Movano vans are the first available - and we believe that our new quick retracting access ladder system represents a major ‘step up’ for the glass trade.”

Supertrucks has used its unique, “no-drill” fixing method to secure the full length/full height aluminium side rack to the new long wheelbase, high roof Master/Movano vans – which, like their predecessors, are expected to be very popular with glazing companies.

The all-alloy, Supertrucks’ Master/Movano rack system, like the rest of the company’s panel van rack systems, will also be optionally available with the new quick retracting access ladder system. The Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder system is now available as a low cost option, priced from just £197 + VAT, for all the company’s full length, full height external glass carrying racks.

The new Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder system has been designed and developed, in conjunction with the glass trade to:-

■ provide safer, more convenient and faster access to the van’s roof rack

■ provide a method of roof access that does not require drilling van door panels and does not over strain/damage door hinges.

When the new Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder system is specified it is built into the rear of the side mounted glass carrying rack. Unlike other ladders incorporated into the side rack the new Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder system does not reduce the rack’s load carrying space.

When roof rack access is required the operative simply releases a spring-loaded retaining shute bolt and pulls the Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder rearward and out from its stowed position ready for use. The operative then can safely climb up the ladder to gain access to the roof rack.

Peter Wright, Supertrucks Ltd’s chairman, explains, “For safety, financial and operational reasons rear door mounted roof access ladders have major drawbacks. The new Supertrucks’ quick retracting access ladder system provides fast, safe and efficient roof rack access, overcoming all the inherent disadvantages of conventional rear door mounted roof rack access ladders.”

Now, with the launch of glass carrying racks for the new Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano vans, Supertrucks has its widest-ever range of fully European-legislation-compliant racks and associated equipment for virtually every popular panel van model available in UK/Europe. These Supertrucks’ rack products also incorporate an industry-leading range of standard/optional features, such as:-

■ Inclinometer, to indicate the angle of the rack and thus whether it is safe to load/unload

■ Rubber base blocks, incorporating side reflectors, to provide better in-transit load protection and improve vehicle visibility/safety

■ Reflective white safety markers, to effectively define the rack edges front and rear in poor visibility

■ Pole rest, to provide convenient, safe storage for securing poles during load handling

■ Test certificate, issued with every rack to show maximum safe working load

■ NEW quick retracting access ladder system

■ NEW GLASS STOP! load restraint system

And, as a result of extensive durability testing at the Millbrook Test Facility with a leading van manufacturer, Supertrucks also offers a three-year/100,000 mile warranty for all its glass carrying racks and roof racks for panel vans – the best available for this type of product in the UK.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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