By: Sunshine Solar  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Tubes, Evacuated Tubes, Flat Panels

New Generation Evacuated Tubes

This is the most popular type of solar tube around the world. It has been around for 20 years and is still going strong. They are very cost effective and show excellent all year round performance. The evacuation of the tube means low conductive and convective heat losses in times of low ambient temperatures and in wind.

Includes powder coated aluminium and Rockwool insulated manifold,
powder coated marine grade aluminium alloy frame, triple spluttered 58mm diameter evacuated tubes, 3 speed bronze Wilo pump, fully automatic smart SR868CQ Intelligent controller, full commissioning to maximum efficiency.

Flat Panels

This technology is older than the tubes, but with advancements in material, especially the TiNOX coatings, these flat panels collectors are among the worlds best. Flat panels work better in milder climates or for lower temperature applications such as pools.

Open Loop vs Closed Loop

Open loop systems have the water from the cylinder also running through the solar panels while closed loop uses a heating medium (such as glycol) and a heat exchange with the cylinder water rather than direct. In 90% of cases we recommend open loop due to higher efficiencies, less maintenance and lower cost. We recommend closed loop in extremely cold climates (inland NZ) and where water quality is harsh such as high lime or acid content.

Keywords: Evacuated Tubes, Flat Panels, Open Loop, Tubes