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By: Sue Jones  05-Apr-2012
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Your reading can be scheduled to be purely a Past Life session, where you will be able to ‘track down’ the hidden core causes of difficulties in this life.

We bring these past issues and incidences with us into this life and learning what effect they are having on us can assist to understand, heal and move forward in our life lessons.

The effects in this life may present as physical or emotional aspects of our being.

This is a single one-off session dealing with a particular issue whereas A Bigger Picture is a more in-depth, supportive and healing undertaking.

The Aim

To learn how the hidden memories from past lives affect you and to bring them in to balance in your life now.


Through guided sessions past lives can be accessed to help answer the questions we have about ourselves, show the reasons for our instinctual responses, assist with health issues.

2 x 1-hour sessions:

Explanations and coming to understand how events in your past lives effect you emotionally, physically and spiritually Spiritual information and important messages

Session 1: Discover past lives – who and what you were, when and where.

Session 2: Current and Soul Healing - heal the events, issues, and reasons around innate fears, perceptions, behaviours, interests etc. which continue to affect you now.

The Aim

Enable you to visualise and bring into being your own life path.

4 x 1-hour sessions

Session 1: Discover who you have helping you through this life journey.
Reading: Uncover your life lessons and journey of this lifetime to date.
Spiritual info and important messages

Session 2: Work through any ‘homework’.
Healing: Current and Soul Healing, Past Lives
Awakening awareness of your being and issues.

Session 3: Visionary attunement
Life Direction: Life journey pathways & skills

Session 4: Remaining True

The Aim

Learn effective ways to chill out!
To enable you to take a stand for yourselves, to try to understand what is happening in your life, to look for a ‘better way’! To take control of your life, to de-stress.


Sometimes an ‘outsider’ an often give us the opportunity to look at things from the outside, from a different perspective, help us in seeing honestly what is really there, and in letting go of fear.

Individual and small group sessions available, enabling you to relax, encouraging and allowing you to make the changes you seek; explore giving yourself permission, relaxation, meditation, finding pleasure, your separate self, personal priorities, making your wishes come true.

2 x 1-hour sessions

The colours and clarity of your Aura can bring much insight on the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of your life journey.

Revealing your Aura is often a part of your Reading, and can be the focus of your session if you wish it to be.

Any imbalances in your Chakras or physical organs and systems may also be revealed.

Please check the Events page for current learning opportunities. If there are topics you are interested in learning about, please inquire.

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