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By: Success Group  06-Dec-2011

Free Business WOF

We will give you a fresh and honest view into the future success of your business. This includes two face to face meetings and a detailed report outlining the steps you need to take to achieve your future business goals. Here's how the "Business Warrant of Fitness" works:

1.  First, you have an initial meeting with us to talk through what you want out of your business and help us gain a better understanding of your business needs. We will review the following:

  • Taxation structures and strategies to save you heaps of tax.
  • Key Performance Indicators that provide a constant company health check and highlight the important areas to focus on that will have a massive impact on your "bottom line".
  • Budgeting so you know where you will be in 12 months time and be able to highlight trends and reduce tax.
  • Future business objectives that provide a road map for the future enabling better shareholder/director/team alignment - everyone working for the same end. You'll have a better understanding of your business and be able to highlight opportunities before the competition.
  • Accounting systems that are simple and cost effective.


If we believe we can add value to your business, we will then prepare a

detailed report

outlining the steps that we see necessary to achieve your business goals.

Your report will include a host of detailed information of significant value to your business. The report is yours to keep whether or not you decide to form a relationship with us.

And you're free to take it to your own accountant should you wish to implement some of our recommendations with their assistance.

Our collective investment at this point is a commitment of both our valuable time, to determine whether we can add value to each other's businesses.


Lastly, we meet again to present the detailed report and determine the best strategy to move forward on achieving your future business goals.

You'll pay up to $800 elsewhere for this valuable service but we are offering you this opportunity at NO COST and WITHOUT OBLIGATION. It could be the best business decision you'll ever make.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011