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By: Stronglite Staging  06-Dec-2011
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STRONGLITE STAGING® offers a superior range of aluminium Stage Rostra/Risers, Choir/Chorus Risers, Grandstands and Outdoor Seating and Accessories. Our purpose-designed extrusions ensure maximum strength, lightness and comfort in handling. All Stronglite products are manufactured to exacting standards and offer unique benefits.

Strength: Our sections and products are designed and manufactured to be strong and durable and are tested to make sure they meet our high standards of performance under live and static load conditions.

Lightness: Innovative design and use of material creates equipment that is light and easy to handle, saving time and possible injury.

Safety: Engineer's design certification, documented test results, qualified tradespeople, monitoring of product in the workplace, established safe working loads, and we conform to or exceed industry regulations and guidelines. You can be sure that our premium quality products meet exacting safety standards.

Simplicity: Superior design ensures our products are quick, simple and easy to transport and assemble, saving you time and effort.

Versatility: Particular attention has been paid to designing stage/seating systems that are multi-use wherever possible, including indoor and outdoor use. These qualities are detailed on each product's information page.

Portability: We design for easy handling, transporting and storage, e.g. 2m x 1m stage rostra can be easily set up in any building and transported in a lift. Choir risers that fold up and wheel away. Grandstands that can quickly disassemble for easy transport and storage. Wheels and trolleys are also available for increased manoeuvrability.
Add or remove sections to form the size of stage or seating required for each event.

"If you want stylish, professional, functional equipment for ultimate performance with the minimum of effort –

Keywords: Aluminium Stage, Choir Risers, Outdoor Seating, Transport,