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By: Straumann  06-Dec-2011

Straumann®BoneCeramic is a fully synthetic bone substitute with optimized morphology leading the way to new vital bone. It offers the practitioner application flexibility in a broad range of dental bone regeneration procedures.

Outstanding wettability and handling
Excellent wetting properties and a unique package design facilitate its handling and application.

Protects from excessive resorption
Straumann®BoneCeramic serves as a scaffold for bone deposition during bone formation process. The mechanical stability of the augmentate volume is maintained, because of the slow resorption rate of hydroxyapatite preventing excessive resorption.

Optimized morphology for vascularization, osteoblast migration and bone deposition
Straumann® BoneCeramic is 90% porous with interconnected pores of 100-500 microns in diameter. This high porosity allows maximum space for vascularization, osteoblast migration and bone deposition.

Homogenous and consistent
Unlike other biphasic calcium phosphates, Straumann® Bone Ceramic is not simply a mixture of HA and TCP, but is chemically synthesized as a composite to ensure homogenous distribution of the two phases.

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