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By: Steven Saunders & Associates  06-Dec-2011


Using proven techniques of achieving a state of relaxation Steven brings you this 25 minute CD to help you take control of your mind and emotions.Steven's dulcet tones and reassuringly calm voice will take you through the steps required to progress toward a state of calm and then deep relaxation.
The instructions are simple and straightforward. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place free from interruption when you listen to the CD for maximum benefit. 

Who will benefit?
Anyone wanting a drug free way to take control of their emotions and to become more effective in controlling their "nerves".
Especially useful for those suffering from stress related symptoms, athletes, uptight people, performers and those wishing for less tension and perhaps a better nights sleep.
Warning! Do not under any circumstances, listen to this CD while engaged in any activity that demands your full attention eg. driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery/heavy equipment.


Dr Steven Saunders outlines positive strategies for dealing with workplace negativity. Real life stories bring good management practices alive with the best possible outcome and without any costly law suits or payouts.

“Practical, sensible and not too PC, this book should be read by all business owners and managers who have badly behaving staff. Steven’s extensive experience and knowledge is clearly evident. He shows you how to get the right result. A good read”. 
Sir William Gallagher, Chairman & CEO Gallagher Group Ltd. (June 2011)

"It is staggering how timid many managers are at dealing with unacceptable performance (behaviour). There are many - mostly spurious reasons for this and Steve's book does an excellent job at dispelling them and providing a practical way forward. Compulsory reading for all managers."

Nick Nightingale, Managing Director/Owner Resene Paints Ltd (June 2011)

“Steve Saunders unique blend of growing up with practical skills on a farm and to gaining a PHD allows him to have a rare insight on how to effectively deal with today’s business world.

His no nonsense approach to dealing with the PC crap businesses have to deal with each day is positive and refreshing.

Our sales team and call centre staff look forward to Steve’s regular workshop sessions and excellent results are achieved from this. Steve’s book is a must for managers who want to be inspired and have a fresh look at the world”.

Tom Reynolds , General Manager Dunninghams (June 2011)

Steve Saunders has provided me with people advice for nearly 20 years. Steve’s support and advice has always been invaluable. The advice in this book should be heeded by every employer. You owe it to yourself, your business and others in your team to deal promptly with problems caused by Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners. Thanks for putting this material into a book Steve. Even after all these years, it’s still great to consider and heed your advice.

John Sandford, Managing Director Jason's Publications Ltd Auckland NZ, 28 June 2011

Thomas International, a leading global provider of scientifically developed assessment tools, was founded to meet the people needs of industry and commerce. For nearly half a century, Thomas International has supplied companies and their people with practical, proven systems, services and solutions. The system comprises behavioural / psychometric assessments, aptitude and ability tests and job profiling.
Thomas’ systems enable employers to understand, realise and develop the full potential of their staff. We give managers the tools to motivate, stimulate and encourage individuals in the work environment by raising people’s self awareness, self esteem and confidence.

The Thomas behavioural, aptitude and ability tests analyse people’s behavioural style at work, identify their strengths and limitations and help measure their mental agility. They have many applications including recruitment and retention, personal and organisational development, succession planning, coaching, team building, career planning, appraisal and training.

Thomas carries out over one million assessments every year.
With a presence in over 55 countries, the behavioural assessments are available in over 50 different languages and delivered through a network of local agents and distrubutors.

Our simple to use yet sophisticated software and Internet applications enable you to apply and use these business tools at all levels of your organisation. In addition, our experienced trainers and consultants are always available to give you the support and advice you need to use Thomas’ systems to maximum effect within your business.

The Thomas System assesses these main areas:

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Aptitude, Ability and Skills
Tests for Selection and Training (TST)

Skills Testing
Human Job Analysis (HJA)
Job Create/Job Profiling

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