By: Stephanie Philp  06-Dec-2011
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Doing what I love most

My biggest joy in life is being able to do what I love. I'm happy and never feel like I'm 'going to work.' I'm pretty busy with NLP training, writing and developing new material.

I'm also actively involved in coaching/consulting with solopreneurs and small businesses to get where they want to go.

This is the stuff that gets my juices flowing, floats my boat, and keeps me inspired.

It's an inside job!

I love working with people and observing their development from the work I do with them. Whether it's through training, presentations or consulting, the uplifting and inspiring of others to search inside and to become more of who they truly are, is my motivation.

Development = Progression

I truly believe that it is only through developing yourself that you progress in any field of endeavour. Too often training focuses on trying to change others. Stop wasting your money and your time.

Use your money to increase your own flexibility, your own resourcefulness, your own sense of self. Then just watch those others change around you. Just read some of the feedback as testimony to this.

Keywords: Writing

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