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By: Stephanie Philp  06-Dec-2011

Start with 'Free'!

If you're not sure where to start, the FREE eBook, 'The NLP Eye Accessing Cues' The Not-so-Hidden Secrets Of the Mind, might be a good place. You'll get this by subscribing to MetaMoreTalk, my eZine on the right.

Then, it depends what your goal is:

If you're more interested in how you communicate with others and how to be more influential in your work and personal relationships, then

is the way to go.

Either way, you'll get great value for money and tools you can use immediately to enhance your life.

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Whether it's through training, presentations or consulting, the uplifting and inspiring of others to search inside and to become more of who they truly are, is my motivation. I'm also actively involved in coaching/consulting with solopreneurs and small businesses to get where they want to go. Use your money to increase your own flexibility, your own resourcefulness, your own sense of self.