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1. The Researchers at NII developed a Mammal Lipsome Delivery System (MLDS) from components within milk.

They extracted the components of the MLDS, enhanced them and put it back into the Colostrum powder during manufacture.Most other products use Soy-lethicin based delivery systems which are not as compatible as using a Mammal Lipsome Delivery System.We are Mammals remember?What this means is that it enables the Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum to disperse in the body up to 4 times faster than untreated colostrum.
This means the treated Alpha Lipid Colostrum gets to the target area in the body quicker with the least loss of efficacy.

2. The Mammal Lipsome Delivery System (MLDS) has another unique effect of helping to protect the Colostrum from attack by food acid in the stomach.

Colostrum is the first food all mammals give their offspring, therefore Colostrum is not designed to come in contact with strong gastric juices.Alpha Lipid Colostrums are protected, unlike other colostrums.Even though Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrums are protected we still advise taking Colostrum when your stomach is empty, as this may further increase its effect.You should also consider restricting all eating for at least 1 hour after having your shake or capsules.


When the Researchers at NII realized what they had discovered they immediately patented their findings.

In our opinion this is what makes the Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum and its associated products unique in the market place.

Research data supplied by Peter Lehrke
Bachelor of Science (Honours) – BSc (Hons) - Biochemistry
Diploma in Nutritional Science (Dip.Nut.Sci.)

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She admitted some of the effects of taking bovine colostrum could be psychological but said, for her, there had been a marked improvement. In the past Mrs Norman had injections every two days for her condition, but said she was not having that treatment at the moment. Although she admits she was "very sceptical" about the idea to start with, Mrs Norman said the results spoke for themselves.


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Very few organizations in the world have the ability to collect this “1st milking” colostrum in commercial volumes, including complying with the highest quality assurance standards. Proline-rich polypeptides function as signaling peptides produced by activated macrophages and activated T-cells that control the production of all cytokines.