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By: Stem Cell Enhancing Products  05-Apr-2012
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Although she admits she was "very sceptical" about the idea to start with, Mrs Norman said the results spoke for themselves ? she now feels she has more energy to spend time with her family.

"Within three weeks, I just feel like a million dollars," she said.

She said while the natural treatment was not a cure, it had given her more energy and strength.

Mrs Norman is involved with Basketball Wagga and said last week she was even able to referee four games in one night.

She admitted some of the effects of taking bovine colostrum could be psychological but said, for her, there had been a marked improvement.

"All of a sudden, psychologically I'm a much nicer person," Mrs Norman said.

"It's not stem cell replacement like you hear about, it's stem enhancing.

"It supports the body's natural release of stem cells."

In the past Mrs Norman had injections every two days for her condition, but said she was not having that treatment at the moment.

She said she would have to go back to medical treatment in future, but was enjoying having the extra energy for now. 

Her husband, John, said he had also been a little sceptical about its effects, but had seen a big improvement.

"Particularl y when people have a disease like this, they are a bit vulnerable," he said.

"Technically, it's not a proven treatment. Some treatments work for some people and not for others."

Mrs Norman said she knew the benefits may not be permanent, but was making the most of the extra energy.

"It may not work for everyone," she said.

The Adult Stem Cell Foundation is looking at the benefits of colostrum for people with a range of degenerative diseases.

Mrs Norman said the honorary director of the foundation, Bruce Lahey, would be in Wagga next week for an information session about how the treatment works.

It will be held on Saturday, October 18, at the Glenfield Scout Hall from 2pm.

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