New Image Colostrum Stem Cell Enhancing Products- New Zealand Colostrum and Stem Cell Enhancing Products

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New Image Colostrum Stem Cell Enhancing Products- New Zealand Colostrum and Stem Cell Enhancing Products.

Gwenda Morris, 15th February, 210
Discover How New Image Stem Cell Enhancing Products May Get You Back On Track

My husband Ian has not been his normal self for a few years .We retired this time last year and eventually went on a Caravan holiday feeling this may be the answer and the Dr agreed.After 5mths away we returned knowing we had to find out what is really the problem.However after brain scan , many blood tests and MRI etc., Ian had no answers, except these tests again at a later date may show up something.Ian was frustrated and I wanted to help so went on-line to do research.Within days through other channels I was intoduced to the Adult Stem Cell Foundation and the opportunity for Ian to take New Image stem cell enhancing products.Commencing 23/11/09 and today 3 mths later he is really reaping the benefits although there were signs within two weeks some things had changed. Ians balance has improved, he can walk and turn his head and look sideways without feeling like falling, his mood, energy, hand writing, speech and total demeanour has improved, he can now shave and dress himself properly and connects in conversation in a positive way.To see Ian smile and laugh and recognize his family with the expression of joy is just so wonderful, and yet we still do not have a medical diagnosis.From me I say, seek and you can find, knock and doors will be opened to you.I'm so gratefull for the opportunity for an invitation to be an Honorary member of ASCF and can be another voice to help spread the message and give so many others the answer that may bless them too.Bless you New Image and ASCF for the difference you make to so many.Sincerely thanking you.Gwenda Morris

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The Mammal Lipsome Delivery System has another unique effect of helping to protect the Colostrum from attack by food acid in the stomach. Research data supplied by Peter LehrkeBachelor of Science – BSc - BiochemistryDiploma in Nutritional Science.


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She admitted some of the effects of taking bovine colostrum could be psychological but said, for her, there had been a marked improvement. In the past Mrs Norman had injections every two days for her condition, but said she was not having that treatment at the moment. Although she admits she was "very sceptical" about the idea to start with, Mrs Norman said the results spoke for themselves.


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Very few organizations in the world have the ability to collect this “1st milking” colostrum in commercial volumes, including complying with the highest quality assurance standards. Proline-rich polypeptides function as signaling peptides produced by activated macrophages and activated T-cells that control the production of all cytokines.