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By: Starlight Rising  06-Dec-2011

( in no particular order )

1. Smokey Quartz

One of the best grounding stones, Smoky Quartz has a sedating quality that simultaneously anchors its user and raises his or her vibrations. It has the ability to absorb negativity of all kinds: environmental , physical, emotional or psychic. It calms the emotions and is therefore an excellent aid in relieving depression and fear. It is an excellent sleep aid and is thought to relieve nightmares. It helps one’s manifest his or her dreams. Due to its grounding quality, it brings the past into focus so one can release habits or patterns that no longer serve one’s highest good.

It enhances one’s acceptance of the physical body and is rumoured to help virility. Physically, Smoky Quartz has been reported to alleviate pains in the abdomen, hip, legs, headaches, reproductive system and cramps. It strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. It helps balance the yin-yang energies, and thus aligns the energy meridians in the body. It is a very protective stone. These are quite small.(about 1cm across on average)

$1.00 ea

2. Petersite tumbled disc

Pietersite comes in a range of colours. These ones are deep redy brown with flecks of the blue through them. They are a crystal we don't see to often hence the higher price, but they are well worth the investment. Pietersite's qualities are: Pietersite helps you to work your way through the advice of others, it also helps you process impressions faster and gives you the ability to retain concentration, even when there are a multitude of distractions - making it excellent for teachers. It is said to reduce the fatigue caused by teaching and to be very good for healing the types of illness arising from lack of rest, such as 'burn out'. It is considered to help the blood by purifying the whole body and help the absorption of nutrients from food. It can also be used for problems with the feet and legs, liver and intestines.Each piece weigh 3-9 grams.

3. Moldavite Crystal Incense- Just Awsome!

This incense lifts the energy in a area, making it impossible for negativity to exist. We use it allot in our practice and our home. Like sage it clears negativity from your environment and your energy fields. It also lifts your "vibration" to a higher level therefore making it harder for negativity to attach to you in the future. (Love this stuff!)

This is the best smelling incense I have ever come across. I really don't like the powdery smelling incenses. In all the time we have been selling this, I have never met anyone who really didn't like the moldivite incense.


4. Blood Stone

Bloodstone grounds the heart energy and aids in reducing irritability, impatience and aggression. It works to heighten intuition, teaches us to avoid danger with flexibility and departure. It stimulates one’s creativity and dreams. It is regarded as a “stone of courage”, as it helps us in recognizing the benefits of chaos prior to order, commotion before peace. It helps us through these changes, alerting us to ways in which we can integrate and let fall away what does or does not serve us. It dispels sluggishness and restores concentration and stamina. When one is faced with resistance or fear, Bloodstone will remind you of the importance of your life’s mission, bringing your course of action into focus so you may move forward fearlessly an courageously. As it names suggests, Bloodstone works towards cleansing the blood as well as restoring energetic vitality. In contrast, it also helps one face the reality of physical mortality and death.


5. Carnelian

One of the most gentle and versatile stones, Carnelian grounds one in the present reality. The Zen phrase, “Leap and the net will appear…”, is a perfect motto for carnelian, for it is a stone to work with when making major changes or “leaps” in one’s life. It accompanies us on the path toward achieving our desired goal. It activates creativity and can help motivate or stimulate one in their creative field. Some believe Carnelian is a “cleaning” stone; when placed among other stones, it will “clean” them, drawing out any negativity or remaining energetic debris. It is a stone of encouragement and helps one to trust oneself. It will raise previous negative conditioning to the surface and support one in overcoming past trauma or abuse. It calms anger, resentment, fear, envy, rage and banishes it, replacing it with a love of life. Physically, Carnelian is reported to have detoxifying effects related to alcohol, drugs and other negative physical habits. It also balances and heals the genitals.

6. Citrine Points tiny

It is regarded as the stone of abundance and teaches its user how to attract or maintain wealth in his or her life. It has long been associated with prosperity with the belief that if a piece of citrine is placed in one’s cash box or in the wealth corner of one’s house (farthest back left point from one’s front door), his or her finances would increase and remain steady. One of the most powerful cleansers, Citrine carries the power of the sun. It reenergizes and warms the users. Citrine absorbs and transmutes negative energies. It cleanses the chakras, one’s environment and one’s energetic field. This stone brings joy to anyone in its presence. Citrine raises self esteem and can help one overcome self-destructive tendencies; it is excellent in overcoming depression, fears and phobias because it increases joy, peace of mind and inner calm. Citrine points can also be use for removing menstral cramps or other stomach aches.


7. Dragons Blood Incense

The box says "An ancient incense derived from tree resin used for love, protection, and exercizing negative energies. This powerful cleansing fragrance brings balance and clarity wherever used" Dragons blood resin is very cool stuff to work with. We can get some of the pure dragons blood resin if you request it. 20 sticks per pack.


 8. Fairy Dreams Incense

Fairy Dreams 20 sticks per pack Fairies love the sweet fragrances of Jasmine that scents the night air growing wild in a moonlit forest. Whilst honey produced by their friends the bees is their favourite flavor. Let this ethereal fragrance lift you away to a magical experience. Hand rolled in India.


9. Frangipani Incense

Frangipani Enjoy this warm exotic & tropical fragrance. Hand rolled in India. 20 sticks per pack.


10. Green Adventurine-small

Regarded as the “stone of good luck”, Green Aventurine brings optimism, humor and a good attitude to any situation or experience. It promotes a zest for life. At times of change, it promotes confidence and courage. It supports one’s ability to embrace change or all kinds, even more challenging issues like mortality, illness and even death. It acts as an anchor in such times.

Having a piece of Aventurine will bring harmony to family settings or events. Mentally, it helps one reduce the tendency to over-analyze an experience or situation. It calms anger and irritation. It helps one to release relationships that no longer benefit and stimulates emotional recovery of the heart. It increases one’s leadership instinct and promotes action. This stone is an emotional comfort. Physically, it has been reported to settle nausea.


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