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Below is a list of the services we offer. If you want to understand the process of a healing or "normal" consultation press here

To make a booking please call 04 5268225 or skype us at "Jacqui and John Vestergaard"

Every person is unique, therefore every appointment and the support we offer each individual is also unique.

* More often than not we will start by working with you to clarify the surface issues before we work using our gifts to find the deeper problems.

* While you are focused on the issues, an energy forms around you which shows us more detail about the issue than you could ever give us. Our job is to decipher the images and symbols in this energy and explain it to you.

* The cause of a issue could be on one or many levels. For example is it a Life lesson , a karmic re-balancing, an energy attack? Are the energy connections in you life tangled or toxic?

* Next we talk to you about what course of action we would recommend to resolve the problem.

* Our aim is to empower you. So when at all possible we give you the skills to do what is required. If there is something we need to do it will probably fall into one of the following or a combination.

Healing is a universal term for any technique that places positive energy into a person.

* There are many different methods to do this. We are trained in many, including Reiki and Kofutu. However we find we can do a higher level of healing using what we receive in the dreams we had before we met. (See "services" page for more details)

* Each discipline allows us a different way to see your energy and a Different type of energy for us to channel through us and into the places where negative energy has settled in you.

When working together they offer a very unique healing experience. With the balance of male and female energy. While they are both very capable on both methods of healing and each can do the others role well, John's style is normally to focus on filling the client with a high level of high vibrational unconditional energy. Most clients are blown away by the heat in his hands let alone the healing energy. Jacqui role is to remove anything that is energetically limiting the person. This can range from past life issues to energy leaks to any number of different things. By working together they can both achieve more for you than anyone could alone.

If you read the story of how John and Jacqui met, you will know that the healing skills they use when they work together is from the dreams they had together before they met. It is a combination of hundreds of powerful healing past lives they have had together. Skills and natural abilities remembered from past lives where they had done healing to a higher level than is readily available on the planet now.

They have been working together for almost a decade to perfect the way these gifts can best help people in this century. This healing is very unique, deep, effective, and of high vibrational level.

After most healings there is a small explanation given of what work has been done and what you can do to continue to move forward with it. Cost of exchange is $110 per hour and a half.

As with the individual readings John and Jacqui will use all of their skill with the aim to support you to move forward. When John and Jacqui work together their clairvoyance increases to allow them to provide you with a more in-depth and complete information base than is normally possible in a consultation with any single practitioner.

By working together they offer different views on the information that is being offered by the guardians. Both offer a wide range of skills, clarity and clearing designed to support you to understand yourself and your situation on as many levels as possible.

Cost of exchange is $110 for an hour and half.


Medicine Wheel work

We all know life has its ups and downs. What most people don’t recognise is the cycle of these ups and downs. This course gives you understanding of the cycles and the depth in their simplicity. After you understand this we teach you the skills that will best support you in the way you choose to live the cycles.

This is not a doctrine or a bunch of skills you can learn by wrote. It is a deeper understanding that allows you to continue to grow further after the each process. The life solutions in the manual are easy and normally very cheap, yet powerful.

Your medicine wheel is you and one of us, spending an hour and half a week for eight weeks, working on whatever your focus is. Each person’s wheel is different. A lot of the information given to you is channelled just for you.

With each wheel you receive:

·    a 50+ page manual
·    8 x 1.5 hour sessions
·    Crisis support when necessary. (this allows you to tx or call for long distance energy suppor
·    A discount on classes, workshops and retreats

Cost $660


Soul Calling wheel

There are some who are born with "Gifts" or those who have the intuition wake up later in life. The journey of being more aware of energy (etc) than those around you is a journey better taken with a mentor. Between John and Jacqui they can guide you through any "awakening" you may have. They can teach you to control it and understand any gifts that may come with it.

They make a point of teaching you, your truth and your souls way to work the energy. Together you work to connect with the divine and develop your soul practice.

Something these sessions will start with a short healing to support you to be in the best place possible to connect with your guilds.

8 X 2hr sessions

Cost $800

Spiritual Counselling

Jacqui prefers to use her clairvoyance as one of many tools to support people to resolve issues which are stopping them from moving forward and embracing their life path. As you talk with Jacqui about what you feel is limiting you, she will look at your energy fields for related blocks, imbalances, entities or symbols. As she does this she can work to clear anything that doesn’t serve you. Amongst other things, if there are any Guardian Angels, Spirit Guardians or totems which have messages for you she will tell you. If there are relevant past life issues she can tell you if you wish to know. Her aim is always to try and leave you with something that you can continue to work with. This could be tools or techniques or it could be a connection to your higher council of spirit guides. Whatever it is though the aim is always for you to leave more empowered than when you arrived.

Healings with John

John is trained in Danish energy work, Reiki and Kofutu healing. He is strongly guided by higher beings and the creator to know when and how to use crystals and other healing tools. John has a warm sensitive presence and a gentle heart. His healings and readings are simple, gentle and very powerful.

After a healing with John people have commented:

“It was like the angels themselves were working on me.”
“I could really feel the energy coming from his hands even though he was a good foot away from me.”
“I could feel blocks shifting as he worked!”

Healings with Jacqui

Numerology Readings with Jacqui

Using your full name and date of birth to create a 'map' that shows the: *  Level your feelings work on
*  Motives behind your thoughts
*  Perspective others have of you
*  Life path you have chosen
*  Ultimate goal of this life time.

Often people say this clarifies what they knew deep inside themselves; it really confirms and validates the energy of their 'true self'.
In a one hour reading we can explain these aspects to you and how they will work together. Numerology was created by Pythagoras in around .580 BC - c.500 BC.

Readings with John

Born and trained in Denmark, John has a uniquely direct way of working. He listens to the Arch Angels in a peaceful altered state; In effect he dictates for the arch angels, writing down what they want to say to you. He will then read this back to you and elaborate on the feelings that came through with the words. The Arch Angels often give him specific instructions for people to follow in order for them to grow.

These are very direct but loving readings. John’s readings are channelled from the Arch Angels, usually Arch Angel Michael. They are very specific and will answer direct questions for you.

While John is a very gentle soul, his readings are often very straight to the point - with no sugar coating.

"Ear Candling" with Healing

Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your life" talks about how different part of the body will hurt to tell us that specific aspects of our life need help. For this reason often when our ears are blocked it is because there is something we don't wish to hear.

What is Ear Candling?

They are a hollow tube about 25cms long. We light one end and stick the other into your ear. This sends a warm air into the ear canal, gently heating the wax and creating a vacuum to pull the wax out.

We combine an ear candling with a healing that is designed to remove the blocks to your hearing while the candles are clearing your ears. When the wax, shampoo and old skin are pulled up into the tube, we will normally wait till the candle has burnt down 2 or 3 cm’s then blow the flame out and tap the wax etc. out onto a paper towel. Most people find this gross and fascinating. (When done in a group this can become competitive lol)When we have repeated this process till the candle is shorter (but not too short) we take and another candle and do the other ear.

This is really relaxing and gentle. It will improve your health and balance as well as your hearing.

We cannot do candling if you have ear ache or ear problems.

Cost of exchange for 1.5 hours (incl. candles) $126 for one person or $200 for two people at the same time.
Children being done on the same day, after a caregivers appointment are $70 for 40 mins.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Healing

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