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By: Starlight Rising  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Intuitive Gifts

When Jacqui uses her 'Intuitive Gifts', a number of elements can come into play. She will ask her guides and yours to show her the most important level of your energy for you to make the next step forward on you life purpose, or the next step to you healing the current issue.

* Blocks in the energy fields caused by past lives
* Blocks in the energy fields caused by present life issues
* Insights from Ancestors
* Insights from Guardians
* Insights from Totems animals
* Your Power plants or crystals (e.g. which ones are most powerful for you to work with)
* Callings for another home. Addressing a unexplainable feeling of “homesickness
* Insights from Fairies or Devic kingdom representatives
* Insights from The Dragon Kingdom (these arrive when they wish, not when we call)

* Off world or other dimensional energies

* Sometimes it is insights on Projects you need to be working on, or  a skill you have had before that you need to re-look at.

To quote Jacqui:

"Sometimes issues come up that don’t fit into any of the normal situations people have. Then we ask the guardians how we are meant to clear it and then we just deal with it!"  Although you can try to call upon a specific energy, it is ultimately not up to us to decide. The aspect Jacqui ends up working with will be the most productive to the client.

Keywords: Intuitive Gifts

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If you read the story of how John and Jacqui met, you will know that the healing skills they use when they work together is from the dreams they had together before they met. Your medicine wheel is you and one of us, spending an hour and half a week for eight weeks, working on whatever your focus is. As with the individual readings John and Jacqui will use all of their skill with the aim to support you to move forward.


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