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By: Starkstrom  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Hospitals

The modern operating theatre can be a crowded place and may contain many medical devices. With PACS systems being rolled out across hospitals in the UK, there is now the need for yet another piece of equipment to be placed in the operating theatre. Starkstrom has recognised this need and has thus developed a way to position the PACS station tidily out of the way.

The wPACS is designed to allow a twin screen PACS viewing station to be flush mounted into the wall of an operating theatre. The twin screens can be 19” non-DICOM units, 20” DICOM units or built to your specifications. The unit also features a wipe clean keyboard and mouse for easy disinfection and cleaning.

This unit is the perfect solution for a new-build hospital where wall access can be created during the design stage. Should you be in a position to re-furbish a theatre, this could also be the ideal solution, as long as the necessary wall space is available. 

Starkstrom realises that not all hospitals have the ability to place a wPACS in their theatre and have thus developed alternative methods with which to view PACS in the theatre. The rPACS should be able to address these needs for you.

Keywords: Hospitals

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